Monday, September 29, 2008


Dow Jones Industrial Average
Index Value: 10,365.45
Trade Time: 4:14PM ET
Change: 777.68 (6.98%)

Stocks plunge after the House rejects the $700 bill proposed by some criminals in Washington. David Wilcock is in the forefront of intelligent research and divine inspiration, to bring us these thoughts recently posted on his website, On this third installment of a three (now four) part article/series devoted to the last two months. Much that is referenced can easily be seen as a guiding force towards a positive movement that depends on all of us.

By engaging others to talk about some of these controversies related to our world politics, we begin to heal appropriately since, our nations leaders are to busy helping themselves out to what ever the US Treasury has left. Were drugs to blame? A recent article in the New York Times ties the bankruptcy to medical bills. Are we to medicated to make decisions?

Communism is coming. We are being forced to reassemble our lives elsewhere. We are being told that this financial crisis will probably not have a lamb to sacrifice. Are we the lamb? Are we the sheep? Shepherds in Scotland were forced to evacuate their farms to allow the industrial age to come in. KARL MARX describes this effect and other valuable ways to look our current fiscal state in his first volume of CAPITAL. Read it, study it, as it may help put some of the pieces together.

Meanwhile, Venezuela and Russia are teaming up for nuclear ideas.

Did Bush thwart an Illuminati plan? Some say, no, he only delayed it. Will Israel finally get a Kingdom of God here on earth by provoking WW3? Where is Solomon?

Classic Projection: More Republicans try to bring down B. Obama. Missouri Governor claims Obamas camp abusing laws. There are lot of questions Obama should answer regarding his citizenship asked by Phillip Berg, the majority of the scandal questions revolve around drug and sex habits with Lawrence Sinclair in the late 90's. NEWS ALERT: Probably every president and presidential candidate is on drugs, was on drugs or used drugs at some point. we already know about the wild sex they have. Big deal? Wasn't JFK on speed? I'm sure FDR needed polio relief medication. Bush clearly was on cocaine during some of his White House conferences. These are all just clever and tabloid tricks to get you to pay attention to something about the person that distracts from what is really going on. Our futures look like broken piggy banks and I hardly see the reason why we should keep our trust in these financial institutions and the figureheads that represent them.

The monopolies they are accustomed to only reveal the true source of wealth as it crashes, our individual pledge to restore humanity to unprecedented levels. By actually CARING about one another and learning to TRUST EACH OTHER again. William Covey sites the 'Loss of Trust' model as one that could be turned around and showing how TIME, DELAYS, and COST all tie in together. Certainly, emotional distress keeps a person from learning and behaving accordingly with their true nature. Forget what you read in the paper. These gamblers will keep on gambling until they reach their end. the 10 year bubble repeats itself time and time again. Free energy will make people rich, and will enter the next bubble disaster race. This happens when technology is suppressed, controlled by few, and then the getting gets 'to good' at the end of the bubbles cycle when the public starts to buy the hype. Before you know it prices soar, and the market crashes. Investors want nothing to do with the general American public, they are intersted in Global Markets, the pay off there is much greater.