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To note a highly synchronized week of U.S. and world events, most especially for those working within the military, we will reproduce two chapters from this authors favorite books on numbers. Today marks 11/11/09 yesterday was of course: 11/10/09 and this Friday is 11/13/09. What do these numbers mean and could there be a direct influence within the framework of consciousness and the progression of some kind of programming that is occurring in space, the ether(net), or the information field that we are all tapping into?

Divine order, the cryptic keys to cosmic harmony. The greatest mathematical philosophers of ancient Babylonia and Greece, and later, India, believed that numbers could reveal the principles of creation and the laws of space and time. In the interplay of odd and even numbers the Greek philosopher Pythagoras (c.580 BCE - c.500 BCE) saw the workings of a dualistic universe of opposites - limit and unlimited, straight and curved, square and oblong. "All things are numbers," he said. In Hinduism numbers where the basis of the material universe. The Aztecs assigned to each fundamental number a god, a quality, a direction and colour. Because numbers were used by gods to regulate the world, they were thought to have particular symbolic significance. Numbers were seen as fundamental in music, poetry, architecture and art.

Jewish Cabbalists allocated number values to letters of the Hebrew alphabet and used the system to reinterpret the Hebrew Bible, a forerunner to numerology. Number superstition is often based on the traditional symbolism in numbers (sacred seven, unlucky 13). The sequence one, two, three almost universally represented unity, duality, and synthesis. in Pythagorean terms, 1,2,3,4 symbolized the flow from point to line to surface to solid. In Greece, odd numbers were masculine and active, even numbers feminine and passive. in China, odd numbers were yang, celestial, immutable and auspicious; even were yin, terrestrial, mutable and sometimes less auspicious. numbers with archetypal significance ran from one to ten (or one to 12 in duodecimal system's). Higher numbers in which important archetypes reappear (17 in Islamic tradition: 40 in the Semitic world) often reinforce number symbolism.
-The Complete Dictionary of Symbols
By Jack Tresidder, General Editor

Eleven is the sin. Eleven transgresses the 10 Commandments

In placing this verdict in the wise astrologer Seni's mouth in his drama The Piccolomini, Shiller voices a traditional opinion, for 11 has usually been connected with something negative. Larger than ten and smaller than twelve, it stands between two very round numbers and therefore, while every other number has at least one positive aspect, 11 was always interpreted as in medival exegesis ad malam partem, in a purely negative sense. The 16th century numerologist Petrus Bungus went so far as to claim that 11 "has no connection with divine things", no ladder reaching up to above things, nor any merit." He considered it to be a number of sinners and penance. Medival theological works often mention "the 11 heads of error." The Muslim Bretheren of Purity also gave a negative connotation to 11, regarding it as the first "mute" number in the chain of "mute" prime numbers beyond 10.

Originally it seemes to have been connected to the zodiac, for 1 of the 12 signs is always behingd the sun, hence invisible. This is alluded to in Passover Haggadah, and in Joseph's dream (Gen. 37:9) where sun, moon, and 11 stars make obeisance to him, "stars" should proablably interpreted as "signs of the zodiac." The basis for such interpretation seems to be the ancient Babylonian creation myth as told in Enuma elish, which describes the struggle of Tiamat, the chaos agaist the ordering gods, a sturggle in which Tiamat is supported by 11 monstrus beings. These 12 adversaries are overcome by Marduk, the god of light; however, he does not kill them but rather, places them in the firament and since he is the sun god, always stands before one of them.
-The Mystery of Numbers
Annemarie Schimmel

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10/09/09 3p.m. Berkeley, CA
It would be great to compare history books and take whatever is in reference libraries and allow people to check them out and take them home to chew on for a while. It's amazing that public libraries only let you check out fiction and what they call "non-fiction", that is to say there's a kernel of truth in what ever you are reading but, it's a huge jigsaw puzzle that you'll have to figure out for yourself. If you want to make copies at a library they charge you up to a quarter in some areas that are not already forcing them to close, due to budgetry issues, not beacuse nobody is inside of them.

So it begins with our libraries. We have a very tortured history reapating itself time and time again. This is the message that the fabric of space-time has created when we think of time as a river flowing. The current between two banks is how our world works. We have coffers and libraries of hidden treaseures for instance The Department of Treasury and National The Library of Congress being the other. They must be protected from looting to preserve our nation, of course!

Founded by Alexander The Great in 331 B.C.E., Alexandria in Egypt once housed the greatest libraries known to the world, later looted and burned into non-existance. The second Alexandria in Virginia is a retreat for Washington insiders with free internet for most residents. It's very intersting that wikipedia has deleted the individual entries for the Alexandrian founders to trace their origins. Another hidden treasure! Protected by the Department of Defence and think tanks, of course! The two locations are linked and it's not by accident.

Volumes upon volumes of currencies flow through our world and there are suggestions that Bernake may not be re-affirmed and there will be temporary collapse of the economy. Our economy, or our "currency" is not the only one nor are we really the strongest. China will no longer honer derivitives and manufactures are afraid that they have no "real" money and that Wall Street gamblers will ultimatly fail so with their last bit of loose change, are lobbying for disclosure.

In other words, they want to let the cat out of the bag in so many places but, the problem is that they don't know how. For example that is why NASA has been absent from the public domain in terms of sharing water on the moon, the moon of Saturn, moon structures, mineral mining, and most importantly extra-terrestrial life. We had to wait until India had the possibility to go into space by "permission only" from a group of individuals that I will go into later.

Now, here we have a couple of wars, one in very ancient spiritual region and the other, well ditto. I already went into Afghanistan and can go into further detail on that a different time if you'd like but, essentially we are going back to where we came from for something very special.

Let's go back in time now. Sumerian culture is now known to pre-date Egyptian by two or three thousand years, if not more. There is a system of dating artifacts called radio-carbon dating. You can take decomposing matter and get plus or minus 40 years of the date, sort of like layers on onion. The discovery of ancient cuniform tablets by French and German archeologists in Sumer, Iraq got the C.I.A. very intersted in that area again.

As it turns out the WMD's were ancient cylinder seals and tablets that depicted Sumerain Gods like Enki (later Osiris) or Marduk performing resurrections, using free technologies, and most of all carving the details of our ancient past into them. Our real origins, or real mythology that now turns out to be very real. They now knew that Saddam who beleived was the reincarnate of King Nebuchadnezzer from the bible, who himself beleived to be a reincarnate of Nimrod, the original builder of the tower of Babel also had looking glass technology. Reminder: the tower of Babel is in Babylon, Iraq!

Saddam Hussein wanted to rebuild that Tower or in a sense a "stairway to heaven", as William Henry proposes, by collecting these seals and housing them secretly for years, until the secret got out. His intentions were to build a University or a library that would get them and in that sense, would be the new "Tower of Babel".

So, as the world spins (rotation) and changes location in it's orbit (revolving) around the sun, there was yet another cycle of time that was discovered by our ancient ancestors called "procession". This is a very special event as we are going into a time frame that was called out originally by Sumerian engravings, later the pyramids of Giza, then the Mayans.

It's no mistakes that 12/21/2012 is significant both in the world of astronomy and social conciousness. The date was isolated by the groups to signal a change in procession that would also allow a window of opportunity in the development of the human DNA and perhaps animal DNA, as we see already a convergencein the animal kingdom. Even recently, there was a crop circle layed out in the Netherlands. The biggest of it kind known to man was called The Vertuvian Man Butterfly after DaVinci's Vertuvian Man from 500 years ago (Reminder: Bill Gates owns his Codex and has a kay to the Doomsday Vault), the time we recived our last
"upgrade in DNA". With a quadruple DNA helix as a wingspan! Not a peep of this from the mainstream even though it was layed down around 07/08/09 (or 08/07/09 date is still unspecified).

Procession was well understood then, so they took sacred geometry, and alchemy and embedded these secrets in Vatican funded art through the ages after the Templars. Although the Vatican had a history of torturing and jailing whistleblowers, they finally had to honor these people they killed as saints. It was supposed to be for the good of man to keep us in the dark about anything that our bodies were capable of doing. In so far that we are only meant to breed and used as slave objects in anyway shape or form. Building order out of chaos, divide and conquor, and so on kept people on the edge, moving along, and in check.

Procession, along with some may call the "Chandler wobble" like a top spinning, eventually it will slow on it's axis and come to a stop. In antiquity, this was called "The Great Year" or a rediscovered longer astrological timeframe that made it's mark roughly every 25,000 years. We are now in the age of Picses, 2000 years ago we were in the age of the Ram, and guess what is guess it, the age of Aquarius. Procession will lead us into the dawn of a new age by marking it's position on 12/21/2012.

Now, going back into Iraq here will bring us new ideas for this mission we have there however, they can not be made public due to "National Security". Cylinder seals and cuniform tablets are about the size of a fuse. They contain vital peices to the puzzle that will eventually become more of a mosaic or, "Big Picture". In their depictions we see half man/half serpent beings or beings with helmets delivering vital information to the initiate with wands or rods in their hand. In a sense orchestraded, we were being given "divine instructions", "tones" or "tounges", so that we could retrace our steps at any point and go back to where we once came from using stargate technology, pineal gland activation, teleportation, transfiguring time and space as a Rainbow Body, and loads of other mystical secrets and devices that our bodies could perform on our own and with the right tools.

Needles to say, due to national security, we had to go in there and loot whatever they had to get a head start into 2012. Remember when Napoleon went into Egypt to be crowned pharoah after he had taken France by storm. He was an outsider that made it into insider and worked out deals with banks to finance these expiditions to recover Egyptian artifacts and decipher them. He knew that Cleopatra VII was the real last pharoah of Egypt and was the last to understand Heiroglyphs.

His teams of scientists and artist recovered tons of artifacts now housed in general museums around the world, with the most famous being the Rosetta Stone. The code was cracked by Jean Champillon 20 years after Napoleons mistakes in Waterloo. That got him sent to Saint Helena to die on his own and was most probably poisoned.

Well, the re-understanding of heiroglyphs brought about the industrial revolution to the table. After the release of vast technologies that were still kept private for many years it bacme obvious to many that the secrets were starting to be revealed. When we have the public in the dark about reality, it makes the winners in history re-write the story any way they please.

Darwin came in and went along with the snail pace "evolution", Although people were skeptical about his theory then, more accept it now becasuse the alernative is creation and we all know that is just as bogus. What happened here from my perspective (and now, this is jsut a theory like Darwins that others seem to be following) is that there was a kind of "intervention" that occured in our ancient past that brought humanity here.

The bad news is that at the current moment we can not escape the earth because we are being told to stay. That is, we haven't seen public moon missions in 40 years becasue we are a dangerous group of beings that are trying to create chaos simply to try and organize a way to control it and those in it. Physicist love this becasue in Quantum mechanics, thoretically matter can pass through walls and life as we know it is chaotic.

This couldn't be farther from the truth. Life is elegantly designed, as Einstein even said that God does not play dice with the universe, this is simply a metaphor for intelligent design. There are accidents but it seems like there are more coincidences or should we say, sychronicities?

Like a clock that keeps ticking, we were running out of time to take over the world. We were supposed to usher in Hilary Clinton, who was being finaced by the Rothchild banking families the entire time. The plan was to go into the Middle East region, and excerscie our dominace until 2012 to keep people in the dark. What is amazing here is that we are now on a parallel timeline going further away from those perspectives and now heading straight into a world where the devious plot twisters are either killing themselves, fake dissapearing, and sideswiped by positive events.

When Obama came into office he made a lot of promises knowing he only had his families support and the publics support. It's only been near 9 months since he was sworn in but he already has brought a global consciousness to the table. this is why he was awarded the Nobel Prize early, so that he "prevents from straying" from his cause, and to serve as a reminder for what he has done already, which is gather respect from the Muslim world so that we may one day live in harmony with various strrangers we could not seem to trust based on our own prejudices and ideology.

Even if he just sit in office, giving great speeches it's already crystal clear that he is completely out of step with the ruling elite. He holds hands with them for photo ops and repects their positions that they hold next to his but, I see the foundations here for space exploration so that we could reveal our hidden past and disclose technologies. People will have to learn about what these things are including, artificial gravity, cold fusion, and stargate transportation devices. Before we start going through wormholes, like our ancient ancestors seem to have understood, we have to walk along the open road and see what is ahead and can not jump right into it. Elders aready have a hard time setting their television sets. So we had to go through Alexander the great, Napoleon, and Hitler to arrive at this point in time.

Finally, when the war on terror began, it was a war that Bush, called "Gog and Magog". He thought the biblical identities had resurfaced to give him this divine instuction to press away into the region and finish the job. He was a skull and bonesman that played stupid for everyone but perhaps, understood the esoteric system of belief that led to his presidancy. It was his rite of passage, understanding that he would not really be the man to finish the job, the next one would be.

The war on terror was just that, a war on "terra" as he called it. Terra means "land" or "love" and it was appropriate for the administation to use this word play, such as Shock and awe. Ask a person that speaks arabic what shock and awe means and they'll tell you, it's not pretty. These are symbolic gestures and words used to signal events, so beleive it is divine, while others think it's mischief. The war on terror or "terra" is just that, a war on love, and our earth by our central intelligence agancy and their buisness partners in the military industry and secret police.

The bottom line here is that love is the center of all things coming together. It is the that tether that ties it all together. Through infinate simplicity we are all connected, as Einstiens thoeory of realtivity states. Everything was in the Big Bang (or band), the seed (or sound) of life and we are all composed of it, like a broken mirror we each hold a shard. We think we see the truth but, we are only holding a very small piece. The attempts to hide the truth will only come in a violent way, their history depends on it. Yet, love only needs an ember to burn and once the you fan the fires of love, there is no looking back.

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Michael Pollan is a leading author in a revolutionary field with his new book, 'IN DEFENSE OF FOOD: AN EATER'S MANIFESTO'. The title alone provokes the awesome idea, that someone out there, namely Pollan, knows we were in danger of being wiped out by a ticking time bomb that was placed there by our masters. We can begin this campaign without fear in our own homes, or perhaps we should say, right in our own backyards with the planting of a victory garden.

Slowly, a victorious movement to reestablish our roots in domestic agriculture and lead the way in favoring home-grown food and medicine as a healthy alternative for others to learn from has significantly increased everywhere. The metaphorical acorn that the peace-loving generation from the 1960's planted for us has grown to an Oak tree. After all, by many scholarly accounts we are supposed to be either, The New Atlantis or Atlantis reincarnated so why not also reincarnate a New Golden Age?

Food has been used as a 'Silent Weapon' in this country, bloated and dependent a on fast food diet. In other areas of the world that are less fortunate such as Gaza, they are forced into starvation with road-blocks. Some countries are placed under sanctions but they find ways to trade with others.

Like sand passing through an hourglass, matter that is seemingly chaotic in nature will reassemble into a stronger form in a different location. This can be applied to world economies and eventually we all learn from people like Michael Pollan who can also be seen in the current documentary, 'FOOD INC.' Polyculture shows us how the macro and the micro can live together harmoniously. Is there a conscious world within plants? We must rediscover the value in every layer of life to move fluidly within these times.

When we deny our past and traditions, we eventually recover these memories and remember how to use these traditions anyway. It's clearly a delay tactic by the powers that be. Preserving our methods for future civilizations is vital and sometimes suppressed, however sooner or later the inquisitive student will finally see the seed that was placed there by someone else blossom into a flower that can be examined and carefully studied later, as now the student has perspective in the life cycle.

The Doomsday Seed Vault is merely another of these examples. It is hidden in the arctic behind tons of concrete and cold. This could be seen as a modern day Noah's Ark. But surely some survivors will hold the key to those seeds. Who's the lucky guy, we wonder? Are those seeds Organic? With all kidding aside, we must preserve our history even if it means burying the secret recipes from others in symbols. Otherwise, how else can these complicated ideas make sense if you don't combine multiple images layered upon itself like an alchemical scene or like life itself. The Emerald Tablet of Thoth is assumed to be this key to life itself, the tablet itself representing the ultimate in "Green Technology".

There can even be a 'hyper-dimensional harvest' that human beings haven't experienced since our last 'upgrade' in consciousness. Perhaps, love is an obvious fruit to the hyper-dimensional harvest where millions of people will in unison, 'upgrade' their DNA to one which the Ancient Mayans, who were brilliant astronomers and farmers understood. Every 500 or so years a positive world leader comes to the front of the line and endorses methods that the world finds questionable. As a catalyst for this age and by default we will suggest Barack Obama and the Obama Administration as this entity.

It is understood that organisms have been going through cycles of destruction and rebirth. To understand the greater significance of time passing, these cycles that seem to encourage the combining of both of these natures are seemingly equal. But how can we measure both the visible and invisible and is it possible? Are they equal in proportion always as the Yin and Yang suggest or could these be parallel and opposing time-sequences that we are free to jump around in? Could one purposely choose the wrong choices because they feel they can make up the right ones elsewhere in space time? We don't need a Large Hadron Collider to figure this out.

We suppose that God gives with one hand as he takes with another. Could this be true or are we looking at that with the overwhelming perspective of a entity with wrath already in his parenting plan? Could this plan be modified for our cycle or astrological age? We here at NOW think so. Seemingly, the information getting out there significantly looks at these serious issues and it is up to us to make the right choices on our own. The movies, the books, and the blogs can not follow you into the store and tell you to reconsider your purchase but perhaps, a little voice will always be there to guide us and it hasn't been asleep for any or all of our choices.

The water used in commercial agriculture should also be seriously looked at. Our bodies age because they rust, when you add stress on top of that, it makes for a very short and dangerous life-span. Under certain circumstances we could live to be years beyond the current norm without having to see a doctor unless there is severe trauma on the body that needs immediate medical attention. Using natural forms of medicine and learning how to grow those could also prove to be beneficial for our survival now that our health care system is going to get an overhaul.

It should also be seriously considered that shamans, priests, and anyone else with knowledge an open mind, could literary have their "minds open", or to awaken into a whole new perspective. Nature and it's inner-workings using organic food and natural-occurring psychoactive plants will finally be revealed to the initiate. Will a chimpanzee evolve into a human like form if it eats a handful of psilocybin mushrooms? No! We suggest that it would maintain it's form and possibly ask for more in a year after pondering the effects of the first dose.

The ideas and facts that Michael Pollan provides are by no means new, however it is refreshing to listen to his lectures, read his book, and feel like I have to nod my head in agreement with every other subject he mentions. There is simply no one else like him out-there covering so much ground on this important issue in the main-stream. He reminds of us of Peter Singer in terms of main-stream people that were allowed to write, and speak out while maintaining their academic positions for their controversial views.

Our procedures for getting food, the destructive methods and other startling facts are hard to swallow. Hitler started a successful barter system for goods during his term in power. It certainly made the banks furious because they had been backing him the entire time. As evil as he was made out to be by his makers, no doubt barter will be something to look into when we can no longer afford to fill our gas tanks with $5.00 gasoline. This is not a temporary problem, it was designed to be this way by our makers. In this case, those at the top that seem to be crumbling like a house of cards, the crooked banking institutions. Remember the corrupt U.N. Oil for Food scam program?


It will not shock most people when it is finally revealed that most of the food we eat, that is, the food that comes from mass-grocery stores, have undoubtedly played a major role in our current health crisis. Some will shrug and say, "yeah, yeah...I know" and make a bee line for their T.V. dinner. It is not very hard to reverse this conditioning. The world does not have to flood over again to get the point or start anew. It dose it naturally with consciousness. When the Nile flooded in Ancient Egypt, our ancestors there and in other areas learned from prehistoric astronomy, our seasons, and from wisdom that we have a natural technology that has been provided for us to perpetually sustain and maintain our lives with harvestable crops year after year.

Michael describes food and the method to growing sustainable organic farms as 'technology'. As we come closer to a world population of 10 billion, we are finding ways to reassemble ourselves into a stronger energy force working together for the future of our civilization. This is why his book digs into point after point in defense of nutrition to our bodies. He makes appropriate comments and relevant facts supporting the coming expansion both in our population and world consciousness regarding growing our own food.

President Obama has made the connections between our corrupt health care system, our dietary needs, and the defenseless populations of American citizens that have been slowly poisoned by companies that make genetically modified food, the dangerous pesticides, and the medications you can take to complete this incredibly dangerous cycle. We are seeing serious changes in our social consciousness when we have Michelle Obama harvesting an organic garden, sending America a message meanwhile, to paraphrase Michael Pollan, the first lady had a letter sent to her by Monsanto, urging her to reconsider what her message to country might be. This may suggest a very powerful message to reinterpret to the Obama administration which could be, "Stay way from our profits".

On a different however, still harmonious note, we must also recognize hemp both, as 'rope or dope', a valuable commodity. We depend on it for both the future 'green' economy and a self sustaining channel for world healing. Hugh Downs of ABC's 20/20 reports here how hemp could "save our Earth". There were many steps taken in the past to isolate marijuana as a powerful drug that should be made completely illegal during a time when Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, and Mr.(timber-industry-in-the-lower-right-hand-pocket) William Randolph Hearst needed the public to 'support' their oil-based products.

It was a brilliant packaging job that was placed right into the mouths and minds of a vulnerable society that was confused by wars and economical bubble bursting perfectly played by everyone involved. Eric Hoffer wrote an amazing book that will break down the reason behind mass movements called, 'The True Believer'. As they said in the now almost extinct business that Hearst majestically manipulated, "Read all about it!". By the way, the only industry that could save this now failing newspaper buisness is ironically, 100% Hemp newspapers and ink.

The powerful people that depend on oil to run the country have lined their pockets with looted money from the American people through their disgusting practices. John Yoo also happened to be a professor at U.C. Berkeley alongside Michael Pollan proving absolutely nothing besides that we have very diverse Universities. Here, you can learn the ropes from people that pull the strings in the world and then, take a class on how to cut through the red tape.

It's becoming crystal clear how corrupt manufacturing can be if one spends that same amount of time showing our children how to grow food and which to rotate to avoid any use of pesticides. When we determine the conditions of our growing medium, we can to a large degree determine the growth of our own growing mediums, the human body. Plants are like people in that they are both a combination of proto-plasma and water. Plants also grow best when their growing medium is as free from stress as possible and depend on the close association they have with other beneficial living organisms to help in the co-evolution of our kingdom here on earth.

We were growing further and further apart from ancient systems that have maintained life on earth in place of what we "thought" was an efficient, modern ways. The cost and energy spent on mass food/energy production exceeds the value on the simple methods provided by our ancestors. Way before it stopped making sense to drive produce from California to New York, we let our indulgences get the best of us. The earthly natural resources we have are becoming supernatural burdens for our survival. There is evidence that the current Obama administration is herding it's citizens in the right direction. Our energy is our power. It will take an important and patient set of parents to show children what to do in yard and transform it into a perpetual supply of energy. Certainly, when we have the state teaching us what to do, at the very least at least we have the perpetual support of Michael Pollan.

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Friday, June 5, 2009


We waited patiently for this speech. Here at NOW, we had already previously discussed and suggested that Barack Obama was the reincarnate of the dynastic godfather of the energetic soul we last knew as Akhenaten. We at NOW are also grateful to hold a top search position on most occasions since this particular post back in November 2008. After reading Manly P. Hall's 12 World Teachers and going to The Rosicrucian and Egyptian Museum in San Jose, Ca and carefully studying it's exhibit dedicated to Akhenaten we knew there was more than met the eye. The sychronicities and resemblance were uncanny, to much to ignore and we were not the only ones to point this out.

Both the book and the museum hold a magnificent tribute to Akhenaten with a beautiful description of a young gifted boy's rise to rule Egypt and then really change it around. We have been careful and apprehensive not to print something we would later update regarding this amazing coincidence that our current president, Barack Obama could very well be a composite of many spiritual and political world leaders that once in a while, come in every thousand years and shake things up.

This is purely to advance what we might call, "The Big Picture". He has even acknowledged it here in this CBS story where he claims a resemblance to a man on hieroglyph, whom is not Akhenaten, but perhaps tells how he is already "in-the-know" about his resemblance to other Egyptian pharaohs! It would have been political suicide to acknowledge this tie directly by The FOX NEWS affiliates so instead, they chose Tutankhamen to bloat a recent tour of that young pharaoh artifacts.

Reminder: It was Tutankhamen, (previously known as Tutankhaten) who went back to a business-as-usual oppressive world order dominated by corrupt priests, authoritarian torture, and blind violence, marking the return of the cult of Amun-Ra. Akhenatens own mother, maintained her devotion to the cult of Amen (or Amun as vowels are interchangeable) until she died. After her death, Akhenaten sought to change all of Egypt and build a new capitol city, closer to the horizon where the Aten sat. In a sense, he wanted to place the new city of Akhenaten on the Horizon itself if it were possible. In many ways that "place" is still there in the invisible/esoteric world of the Aten. As the artifacts and the pharaoh literary point to such a place, the rays coming from this energy center along with Akhenaten "holding" up offerings (among other symbolic objects) in those pictures where he is seen in unusual portraits with and without his family is really a social transition marked in art that speaks greatly for itself. His own realistic image that others before him only tried to embellish or exaggerate are there for the public despite massive attempts to destroy whatever was created during his 17 year rule.

Now, there are plenty of articles out there on the internet that may paint a different portrait on this particular subject where Obama is seen more as a satanist-type Osiris of all things, Tutankhamen like previously noted and even this quote from a recent article on the Jerusalem Post before Obama's visit to Cairo is very revealing.
"The American demand to prevent natural growth is unreasonable, and brings to mind pharaoh, who said, 'Every son that is born you shall cast into the river,'" Science and Technology Minister Daniel Herschkowitz (Habayit Hayehudi) said.
-The Jerusalem Post 05/31/09

The location and timing for this is of course, very important. It was supposed to be for the Muslim community however, we understand that it was really meant for the world. After all, he is on a world tour and that includes a lot of spiritual and non-spiritual people out there with access to media.

We will dig into it the speech one paragraph at a time emphasizing important statements that may have double meanings or perhaps single obvious ones. After all, he is a magnificent word smith and knows how to use language as symbols. It is worth "interpreting" this speech in an invisible language that is meant to take on life by catching on to the references he makes including dis-information vs. reality, biblical forecasts, and even 2012.

There are also some cases of pauses before words are delivered that are meant to make a significant impact. This speech was just loaded with an invisible language that perhaps can only be explained through suggestions and interpretations. Thus, ours will not be the only one as, the news pundits are already spinning the next speech because, this one, was much to important and in a sense will be the speech that will have made a difference in our most misunderstood world. It is worth breaking down many times in many ways.

Earlier, he was warned by the Muslim community to watch those carefully crafted words of his. While later that day, he left the stage with thunderous applause and some loving sentiments from the audience. He was told not to lecture or to preach however, the biblical references here can not be ignored. Meanwhile, at the end, that was some guy out there that yelled out, "We love you" from the crowd. Was this expected? We also wonder what Dick Cheney is planning at this point as he must be foaming at the mouth from such a reception. Is he and/or others forming a diabolical plan and if so, who is behind it and why? Could this game-changing 'event' come to pass by 07/04/09? We will have to wait and see.

So, our next article will feature his speech in Cairo, fully analyzed by the writers here at NOW. At the time of writing, David Wilcock had already printed his own here at his website, divinecosmos. We will follow in his footsteps and provide maybe a similar perspective and perhaps new ones not yet observed by David Wilcock himself.

Another person following this thread relating Obama as a reincarnate to Akhenaten is David Icke. He has explored this subject in an essay now removed from his site and here in his forums although, his insight is sometimes may be radically different in both scope and perspective than Wilcock's. His views are sometimes looked at by NOW as important so we want to appreciate and share his take, but let's just say we do not fully approve his overall message as we do say, David Wilcock's.

Obviously, since Obama's trip to Egypt, NOW has been receiving more hits daily for this story more than any other. We should urge readers to go through both David's perspective and then follow up with a visit to our page after The 4th of July with a full analysis. For NOW, here is a sample of the article to be printed here on July 5th, 2009. Look out for it!


CAIRO, Egypt (6/4/09 3:00 a.m. PST) -- "I am honored to be in the timeless city of Cairo, and to be hosted by two remarkable institutions. For over a thousand years, Al-Azhar has stood as a beacon of Islamic learning, and for over a century, Cairo University has been a source of Egypt’s advancement. Together, you represent the harmony between tradition and progress. I am grateful for your hospitality, and the hospitality of the people of Egypt. I am also proud to carry with me the goodwill of the American people, and a greeting of peace from Muslim communities in my country: assalaamu alaykum.

(author's note: Here is a list of the oldest universities still operating today. Note that Harvard is the undisputed first University in the U.S. built nearly 666 years after the establishment of Al-Azhar.)

We meet at a time of tension between the United States and Muslims around the world – tension rooted in historical forces that go beyond any current policy debate. The relationship between Islam and the West includes centuries of co-existence and cooperation, but also conflict and religious wars. More recently, tension has been fed by colonialism that denied rights and opportunities to many Muslims, and a Cold War in which Muslim-majority countries were too often treated as proxies without regard to their own aspirations. Moreover, the sweeping change brought by modernity and globalization led many Muslims to view the West as hostile to the traditions of Islam.

(author's note: This "recent" tension can be better illustrated by following articles appearing on recent TBR NEWS editions.)


Monday, March 30, 2009


Our last installment in this five-part article for items NOW IN THE NEWS, will bring about startling questions, observations, and perhaps biblical implications in the recent string of cosmic bombardment to hit Earth. We will take one last look at this mysterious phenomena as we bring in all recent and previous data collected on this explosive story.


On 10/02/08, we posted THIS PIECE related to fear tactic used in the media to alert people of things to come. The BBC article we wanted people to get a second look at had implications of greater importance to the nature of our state both as a country and individuals. Major news organizations release material in a timely manner sort of like a soap opera. For those who do not believe there are cliffhangers in the news, watch FOX News at any time and the news pundits are talking to people like soap opera people talk to each other. Reminding each other of what the plot should be, mysterious sex lives revealed, convenient deaths and resurrections, the list goes on.

If they came out and showed us how free energy such as COLD FUSION begin to solve world dilemmas, then we can't fund twenty or thirty years of research. It would accelerate to new technologies advancing civilization by two or three-fold so progress could also be in the eye of the beholder as well. So clearly a "Doomsday" scenario planted in the news by BBC could alarm an already sensitive society waiting for the people in America (The New Atlantis), and other developed democratic countries to follow suit and cringe in fear for their lives before they cast vote.

We here at NOW are influenced by positive forces channeled through meditation and in some cases, gardening! We had a very high probability that there would be outside forces (in due time) that would create mass hysteria, public fear, and have a mysterious origin coming right-around-the corner-behind-the-shadow. We thought perhaps an asteroid would scare the living shit out of people. Some kind of matter from outer space that would rock both the physical world and the world of science. We are starting to understand that this prediction came true to prove a divine phenomena that will take some time to understand.

WHEN JPL SPEAKS, WHAT DO THEY SAY?When NOW made the observation of the possible asteroid on 10/02/08, there seemed to be no other reason as to why the BBC would print a "Doomsday" article for a script written so long ago. We were also thinking that perhaps a Coronal Mass Ejection would be the other reason but NOW with recent items in the news, we have perhaps even more insight to this story. Listen as JPL's, Donald Yeomans describes the impact this object made in the physical and scientific world.

Mr. Yeomans states that NASA discovered the impact with certainty on 10/06/08. This is remarkable because NOW had no prior knowledge to this event until the channeling of the story on the day of the original posting on 10/02/08. Also, as stated by Mr. Yeomans the impact happened at 4:46 a.m., Sudan time and specifically in an area that has been and will continue to be the area where man's wisdom may have dawned and will continue to dawn as we shed new light on this important event.

Even the fact that there were witnesses to this event so early in the morning served a higher spiritual purpose. This may have been a different story if the asteroid entered the atmosphere during the day. However, the way it came in and the timing and it's accuracy could only mean one thing. Something so new or perhaps even prophesied biblically, that has never been seen before, entered our world for all of the people at "Almahata Sitta" or "Station Six"to see at the break of dawn.


As the the composite above indicates, the light area in the dark picture shows the position of impact in Sudan. At first, the explosion and fire in the sky amazed the town's people. It was believed to have disintegrated upon impact with our atmosphere since the chunk of matter was about the size of a small car. The explosion and the fire being the only signs, until researches followed the rabbit hole of mystic traditions and found that the area in which the object entered the sky was not an unusual place for celestial and mystic events. The object was later determined to be part of asteroid that was very hard for astronomers to see, thus the delay in the news for the impact. In a sense, the object was cloaked with a very special and anomalous technology.
Surprise Recovery of Meteorites Following Asteroid Impact
Rocco Mancinelli, a microbial ecologist at the SETI Institute's Carl Sagan Center, and a member of the research team, says that "2008 TC3 could serve as a Rosetta Stone, providing us with essential clues to the processes that built Earth and its planetary siblings."

In the dim past, as the solar system was taking shape, small dust particles stuck together to form larger bodies, a process of accumulation that eventually produced the asteroids. Some of these bodies collided so violently that they melted throughout.

2008 TC3 turns out to be an intermediate case, having been only partially melted. The resulting material produced what's called a polymict ureilite meteorite. The meteorites from 2008 TC3, now called "Almahata Sitta," are anomalous ureilites: very dark, porous, and rich in highly cooked carbon. This new material may serve to rule out many theories about the origin of ureilites. 3/26/09
Like needles in haystack, we found something very powerful, very different than we had previously imagined. There seems to be something mysterious and invisible in space and it wants to be heard in a major way. As the people of Nabta Playa may already know, this large object looming over the sky busting back into the earth, is possibly a Votive Faience Ball that belongs to the Cult of Hathor.


What we are suggesting here at NOW is that these small chunks of matter are also talked about in the book of Revelation between 4:4 and 8:10. As we looked for more information, THIS POST was written by an author with similar ideas but perhaps, still not solid enough. It kind of looks into what these mysterious explosions could be interpreted as. There could even be a Nostradamus prediction in there that could be accurate for this story as well. Interesting enough, all of these events are leading into 2012.

What we suggest the reader do in this case, is look at the Bible from the perspective of a cryptogram. Let's say that Sir Francis Bacon did guide the writing of the King James version to introduce English as Literature in America, The New Atlantis. Then, we can also say that his alchemical interpretation for an apocalypse is also in the mind's eye. Almahata Sitta is an analogy to the sixth seal, the sixth trumpet, the "Sixth Station" and the seventh is the stone itself, the Philosopher's Stone that continues to rain on us from outside of this world so that we may find more insight into our own personal temples. The mind between the temples. The Seventh Seal, the seventh trumpet of the angels near the "Throne of God" in the heavens.


Let's take this idea and stretch it a bit further. What we have have is ananomolus rock with material not of this earth or any other we know about crashing into Sudan and now perhaps other areas of the world. Then we add the mystic orientation that has been taking place at Nabta Playa since pre-history and we may have a very interesting story where there is clearly more than meets the eye. It's almost as if these stones came to lay at a very particular target. One that has probably been used for inter-dimensional travel for quite some time. No doubt about it but, these stones did not miss their mark as Revelation 4:4 through Revelation 8:10 may show us. Is a trumpet another symbolic code for, Wormhole? In this case a White Hole? Mysteriously, we believe that Nabta Playa and Almahatta Sitta are or could be one in the same mystical place both yesterday and today.

If we are wrong, then why is SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Sudan collecting samples? In this case the mysterious explosions we have been hearing could very well be not of this earth. Not only that, it could be that perhaps another form of ancient time travel will be discovered based on these findings based on the mysterious material itself.

On a synchronistic side note: Menmaatre Seti I (also called Sethos I after the Greeks) was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt), the son of Ramesses I and Queen Sitre, and the father of Ramesses II. Ramesses was the name in the cartouche that Jean-François Champollion first deciphered when he got a hold of the inscriptions of the Rosetta Stone found near Alexandria.

Depictions of temples, Egyptian city life, and hieroglyphs drawn by artists and scientists were sent in vast numbers during Napoleon's invasion. Napoleon's rule was already over when Champillion was told,"nobody could interpret this cryptic writing." after asking for copies of the stone. The dusty history that once promoted life, a fascinating and divine life through alchemical codes and ciphers, was to be restored as the right eyes were brought before the ancient hieroglyphic cryptograms again.

Also, here is a great radio interview from DREAMLAND with one of NOW's favorite authors William Henry as he interviews Catherine Dees on 5/05/07. Catherine Dees is the co-author, along with Hanny el Zeini, of Omm Sety's Egypt. She brings to life the incredible story of Omm Sety, a brilliant, adventuring Englishwoman who revealed astonishing secrets about ancient Egypt and much more. This story is a good warm up to the article that proceeds this one and William Henry's visionary storytelling. Whitley Strieber opens the show.

So finally we will insert this story from today...

Mystery Flash and Big Boom Rattles Virginia
A mysterious boom and light occurred over the skies of Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia on Sunday night, but just what caused the phenomenon is still unknown. 3/30/09

An update to this story HERE states it was perhaps a Russian rocket. A Russian rocket thread here sounds like old anti-communist propaganda to divert attention from what may really be going on.

In conclusion, we will have to wait for SETI to come up with more and add to this thread at later time. As we have quite possibly solved the case of the mystery explosions, sonic boom, fireball phenomena, let it become dormant while we research this story further in the future. In the meantime, let's see what Arthur C. Clarke predicted for our future in THIS BBC article.


Ian Punnett from Coast to Coast AM hosts an inspiring conversation with one of NOW's favorite authors, William Henry. We have decided to advertise this particular conversation from 08/04/07 for a variety of reasons. We will let the listener hear for themselves various questions posed from Ian as William Henry answers and at times argues with Ian's views, making this conversation both relevant and mind-opening. Ian and the listening audience may change their mind and approach history from William Henry's perspective.

For those of you who may not be familiar with Mr. Henry's work, we can look at the recap for the show on the coast to coast website as an example:
Ancient Knowledge & Technology
William Henry discussed his work as an investigative mythologist, and his recent trip to Switzerland and Rennes-le-Château, France. While at Rennes-le-Château, Henry said he was researching alternative traditions concerning Jesus and Mary Magdalene, as well as looking for additional evidence for a lost gospel, known by the Cathars as the Book of Love-- a collection of primitive Christian symbols that were supposedly delivered from Jesus to John the Divine.

Henry also delved into his research on ancient civilizations and technology, including the rod and the ring and stargates. According to Henry, ancient mythologies and artwork depict light beings who were able to traverse the heavenly realms via wormholes in space and time. Knowledge of how to lift one's 'divine spark' into these other dimensions has largely been lost, though some (such as Tibet's Dali Lama) believe we can reawaken this latent capability, Henry said.

It is a good assessment of the show however, a lot of detail may be missed and could be broken down further.

William Henry is both fluid and remarkably imaginative with words. He understands the Language of the Birds, the symbolic and oral definitions for many of today's hidden mysteries within the English language. That particular language has secrets and a purpose perhaps, as it is locked in to an orbit with America, The New Atlantis as described and outlined for our founding fathers by Sir Francis Bacon. The beacon of light Bacon provided as the last initiate of the Knights Templar and perhaps the guiding light of modern Freemasonry certainly set a major example that has not been duplicated since.

First, as an author, Henry has written books, articles, lectures and presentation of his material tracing ancient and highly spiritual elements to better understand our intelligent body and it's mysterious forms today. As time wears on, the power of these Mystery School teaching are brought to life again by Henry as he is consistently on the cutting edge of today's post-modern philosophers blowing the lid off of hidden knowledge.

What were the true mystery school action hero's looking for? Jesus and Mary Magdalene, Francis Bacon, Napoleon, George Washington, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Adolf Hitler and most recently Saddam Hussein. As William Henry points out obvious reason why we are really in IRAQ, we will soon discover that the secret of ancient wisdom passed down through the ages is now for sale on the black market, for only anonymous mystery bidders to buy. What were depicted on priceless cylinder seals lifted from those museums and why is the information so relevant to humanity?

NOW, lets go right into the very relevant interview with Ian Punnet and William Henry from August 2007. Listen as Henry introduces himself, begins to talk about Rennes-le-Chateau, Joshua, Caleb and the stolen grapes delivered at the crucifixion, synchronicity, and Joseph Campbell


Sunday, March 22, 2009


We were trying very hard to refrain from tying-in U.F.O.'s to the post regarding sonic boom/mystery explosions/fireballs in the sky phenomena...until today. Last night, after watching testimony from a family on a History Channel Alien Encounters episode(where both an explosion and a fireball were heard), we were convinced there were reasons to tie it in.

We here at NOW have perhaps something new to add to this extraordinary story. These mysterious blasts are being heard everywhere across U.S. and abroad and this Wired magazine article written a while back may perfectly explain exactly what may be going on...

*NASA Will Re-Open Kecksburg UFO Files
In a victory for UFO enthusiasts, NASA has agreed to search for documents related to a mysterious incident that the government has tried to downplay or, some would say, cover up...for decades.

Brandon Keim

Plus, a very peculiar thing happens when sun-spot activity crashes to a does trading in Wall St. Do stocks crash during solar minimum? Market strategists know this and take advantage of it, while people go crazy and loose everything including their minds, family, as this story suggests of a local shooting near Oakland, CA.

We only hope that this is were the violence ends and an all out war between police and thieves doesn't break out and spill out into the streets and instead hostilities are miraculously suspended. The Oakland Police Department will have to step up and become officers for peace. Perhaps this would prevent further local copy-cat scenarios from occurring.

What should occur is a mass meditation for universal peace. Consciousness can step in and give us further insight into healing as David Wilcock suggests in his latest blog, The Consciousness Field.

"Is there a "Consciousness Field" that is the source of all matter, energy, biological life and consciousness as we know it?

Does this Field effectively prove that "There is a God"?

Does it also prove that ESP and other paranormal phenomena are not so "impossible" after all — but rather just skills we all have, but are not using?

In this program you will find out the answers to these questions. Prepare to have your mind blown!"

David Wilcock

(UPDATE 3/25/09)
More mysterious fireballs and sonic boom type explosions are heard near Central Savannah's Regional Development Center.

Local law enforcement agencies also report hearing the boom, but no one knows what caused it.

Chris Turner, and Aiken County resident, told WJBF News Channel 6’s Sheena Bodie what he saw and heard, in a phone interview. We have also been informed that two Aiken County Sheriff’s Office deputies reportedly saw a fireball in the sky.
--WJBF 3/20/09

This article comes with video with video...

Mysterious Boom Rattles CRSA
A resounding boom rattled residents of Georgia-Carolina. --WJBF-TV

Later in the article,this post was left on the message board...

Posted by ( blue1 ) on March 23, 2009 at 2:22 am
I live in Idaho and on the 4th of March we had a similar thing happen about 5:15 pm. The windows shook and there was 3 loud booms. We thought that there was an earthquake or a plane crash or something,maybe a sonic boom. We contacted the local news and they said no earthquakes were reported, and no military maneuvers were being held at that time and basically that we didnt hear anything. I really wonder what this is, and if maybe they are doing testing and just not letting the public know. If it is happening across the map it seems very strange to me. I would like to know what this was.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009



"The ancient belief that the planets were powerful living gods has profoundly influenced the evolution of symbolism. For more than two thousand years after the Greeks incorporated this belief into their myths, leading thinkers in the fields of science, philosophy, and religion accepted the principle that all of the planets presided over events on earth as the sun and moon unarguably do."
-- The Complete Dictionary of Symbols.

NOW has put together some significant celestial events plucked right out of yesterdays headline with some happening right in our own back yard. As the world spins, we ask so many questions related to our Earth however, sometimes what is true today is not necessarily true tomorrow thus, we must as ask "Was everything within us [especially thought (or Thoth, the personification of all collective wisdom) and action (atone, a harmonious completion for thought) which helps define our character] a form of the truth, regardless of whether or not it happened?"

These massive spheres out in space are each involved in it's own dance with what ever comes close to it and gets wrapped up in it's magnetism. These bodies are roughly the same shape everywhere within our known universe. Some contract or expand over time to the shape of say a pumpkin (the recent shape our earth has taken on) but essentially, what we are describing here is the form. We can say the same for human kind and extra-terrestrial life that has intelligence like ours. Vegetation also has a particular shape, it's form so brilliant to take in nutrients in the best way possible. It essentially sustains itself if it receives enough light and appropriate conditions are met. To a large degree vegetation can also determine it's own free will as well. The roots of some plants can swallow up and suck the nutrients and thus, the life right out of a neighboring plant. One obvious candidate here would be the Sunflower as its massive root system basically prevents other plants to close around it from surviving. Planets of course are the same, if it seems that there is no possible link between a plant and a plan(e)t, perhaps it's time to take a closer look at THE SECRET WORLDS: THE UNIVERSE WITHIN.

So, where can one start to interpret what is happening out there and here at home? Reading helps bring the mind closer to the spirit within. We can be subjective and take in only what we want to believe and filter out what seems like useless information. I have recently discovered that there is no real useless information. Even the lies that are perpetuated at every level have some elements of truth. Propaganda is very good at getting a message heard loud clear and also in an esoteric way when one is not familiar with the wording, the images, and the deeper meaning behind it along with timeliness of this dissemination. It just sort of sits there and brews in the psyche. Next, we can always count on dis-information to keep us guessing and then, second guessing ourselves.

In a world with so much of both, our modern wisdom and ancient wisdom still clashing head to head, will there ever be a time when these philosophies merge? The ancient built timeless clocks and we see remnants of these everywhere across the world. The Long Now Foundation has set up it new processional clock to last for the next 10,000 years! Amazing still, we have an ancient devices very much like this and they too are incredibly accurate. So accurate that even the slightest margin of error are hardly noticeable. These clocks were positioned to measure out time in the future as well as they are so precise that it is inevitable that perhaps a the atomic cesium clock may not work in an event that leads to complete electronic failures.

Also, what if as the Mayans predicted for the year 2012, a serpent rope would emerge from the center of our galactic black hole? In a sense, a worm hole or the metaphorical serpent of wisdom talked about first thing in the bible that opens the mind and changes the Earthly energy by illuminating what once was complete darkness to those people. What we are suggesting here at NOW is that perhaps there is a reason for the cause and effect of these natural celestial laws that are governing our sense of time.

For example, when planets align in specific ways and cause interesting phenomena that one would not be able to track by merely looking out into space. Surely, we can discover that these bodies converge often, such as when the moon crosses with Venus, for instance. However, there is a greater symetrical and perfect dance that is performed on a nightly basis that include those wandering stars with their natural satellites and each other.

Synchronized and geometrical dances or patterns are being formed with imaginary lines. The only way we can tell that they are happening is by tracking the celestial bodies movements for years and years and years. When will we completely understand that there are underlying forces acting within nature that are in a sense, spelling out for us the very essence of nature itself. Fractals come very close to interpreting this idea. The bottom line here is understanding the form to these structures and their environmental triggers. First, we can look at a blog written in 2005 to get to know ourselves a little better in terms of space and time and it is/was called Circadiana. If found it very informative and heavy in detail but, may be hard to read if your interest is not in physiology.

NOW, lets get on with the first part of the news and see what is out there these days as we dust off and sift through the old newspapers...

Twenty years ago, astronomers witnessed a powerful explosion on the sun. Shortly after, radio signals on Earth were jammed, satellites tumbled out of control and the entire Quebec power grid went down. The event showcased the powerful and immediate affects that the sun can have on the planet Earth. --Astrobiology Magazine 03/15/09

In 1859 two of the biggest Coronal Mass Ejections ever recorded in history were determined to reach Earth around September 2 1859. Greenwich and Kew magnetic observatories detect disturbances followed immediately by geomagnetic chaos; second CME arrives at Earth within 17.5 hours, traveling at 2,380 kilo�meters per second with southward magnetic orientation; auroras appear as far south as Venezuela. The areas of the world most affect we North America, Mexico and some of South American territory as the picture below suggests.

Could this solar activity lead one to madness? Perhaps, Below is a map of Nicaragua:

Beginning to understand how the Sun's energy coupled with our very own may open the doors to something much wider, more significant and perhaps better understood, if we could progress without words and instead and imagine a life symbolically. Author (and technically historian) Sir Francis Bacon wrote, "If the sow with her snout should happen to imprint the letter A upon the ground, wouldst thou therefore imagine that she could write out a whole tragedy as one letter?"

An outbreak of mass hysteria is reported to have struck three indigenous communities living near the river Coco in northern Nicaragua. A total of 43 people have reportedly fallen ill with what is known locally as grisi siknis ("crazy sickness"). Doctors, anthropologists and sociologists who have studied previous cases of mass hysteria – also known as mass psychogenic illness – have so far failed to come up with any clear explanation for the phenomenon. --New Scientist 3/11/09

Researchers have surveyed over 17,000 quasars to spot a single, exceptional system in which a galaxy merger has sent two super massive black holes on a collision course. --Ars Technica 03/04/09

Although the BBC put out this article about 'recent' running water on Mars, we can then safely assume that the picture below does in fact has a droplets of liquid such as water. Later dismissed by "experts" that happen to work for NASA. Here the "Phoenix" takes a black and white picture. Why do they release such poor quality pictures when they have the best technology at their disposal? Arizona looks a lot like Mars, it even has a blue sky just like Earth's however they do not want the mainstream public to understand this and other concepts that have already been long discovered and talked about only in special space circles because then it opens up a can of worms, and the most obvious reason simply because, you are not part of their game. You are not supposed to be in the club. This is only for a select group of people and the rest of us will have to wait for the news to trickle in. One droplet at a time.

Besides Phoenix being a city in Arizona, so is Sedona which sounds an lot like Cydonia on Mars as well and this is not a coincidence either. There is a face captured by Viking 1 with pyramids, geometric integrity in the region that points to man made objects very similar to Giza's and not to mention the solar systems largest volcano located in a highly concentrated energetic area that Richard C. Hoagland and David Wilcock talk about in great detail. As many people start their research on space inevitably thy will find out more about NASA, JPL, and both their secret space programs as described by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara, Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. We clearly see an influence of wisdom passed on and hoarded by the elite to preserve the whatever value their secret knowledge has and the power it has that the mainstream public have a right to know about. What ever side of the rainbow you are on depends greatly on how far you want to take that journey in your own mind and with your determination and thirst for knowledge.

Freemasons, Alistair Crowley's magician crowd and Jack Parsons Laboratory to a large extent, helped develop these systems in the United States to explore the unknown, that final frontier in space however, if 98% of space is dark energy or dark matter then what is space? Is space the inside the mind or is space some external ether or is it both? What are those people at NASA waiting so long to do with all of their money which they are not sharing with the mainstream public? Early Vikings and other explorers promised more than spices, more than relics, some brought back people and libraries.

Now, why did a frightened NASA public relations print "LIFE ON MARS" a couple of weeks before Barack Obama became president? Was it perhaps because they already knew that he might pull the plug on their pet projects if they were doing anything but science out there in space? Berkeley's own John Holdren was recently appointed as, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) for Obama's administration. Why will he be so important? More on this and other important news in Part 2 of 3 of this article devoted to space.

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Diverting your attention for a moment to recognize the potential of a massacre, then carrying out the massacre in itself, it should be seriously noted that the shooters and bombers that we hear about in the mainstream are possibly Manchurian Candidates of the year. That is, they are most certainly, not acting alone.

It is an interesting mind that each of us possess, without diminishing the intelligence behind these attacks, they are cold, heartless, vain acts created by the mind and carried out by the body. We are breeding people to divide and conquer and easily we can connect the dots to see where the minds path originates. It's easy when we we see the paper trail, the blood trail, and most likely if the plan goes as expected, the killer usually kills himself or is shot down by a mod squad of look-a-like SWAT police. It is amazing that perhaps these SWAT units are not recruiting the Manchurian Candidate. "Ask questions later" has curiously become "speculate later" after the shoot to kill order is placed. The eerie voice of Paul Bremmer can be heard here. We must rember that for the capture of Saddam Hussein, Bremer said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him." In other words, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him and we've got you!"

If Bushie neo-cons still wield any power, It won't be long before they try to impose crazy gun laws or take away the peoples right to bear arms and put it into the hands of truly trained professionals. Instead, one supposes that he served his purpose in life, the victims did to, this was just a big mistake and a huge accident and now we must begin to heal after the worst is over...or is it?

Germany's school shooting on 3/11/09 and Alabama's family massacre on 3/10/09 will be symbolically linked forever without having to think twice about this unusual coincidence. Clearly, those negative higher forces out there are working overtime to get their message across. As you peel away the layers of detail surrounding the event and get to the human aspect and forget the soap opera. We begin to understand how the media is trying to convince us that they are the real storytellers and will only disclose the parts of the story that they want you to hear about. Usually it comes in this order: The Ugly, The Bad, and if time allows, The Good. "If it bleeds, it leads", That's a newsman's motto when ratings brings viewers attention to the gore of violence and repeated images of law enforcement surrounding buildings, and the people outside the building, standing around just crying and wondering what happened.

We must also remember that the negative forces out there are on the verge of bankruptcy in the American public eye and they will do what ever it takes to silence the majority with fear, violence, mayhem, and then...they bring down the law. So, what can we remember from these events besides the people, in the long run, the date is usually very important, this will behave as "sub-conscious hometown 9/11" due to the density of events (on back to back dates) in our opinion. Unfortunately, other major events of interest going on both globally and internationally will have to take a back seat for so that people can mourn. This smells like another smoke screen to us here at NOW. For instance, Bernie Madoff is now pleading guilty of fraud. Fifty billion dollars are still missing and if it is not in Israeli banks then, where could it be?

The BBC could not really give you very many details regarding the whereabouts of the money without getting into hot water with their respective business-as-usual executives. Heads will roll if more news gets out regarding this swindle. Think about it, 50 billion dollars that could potentially be re-invested into programs here or abroad by the rightful owners of those securities.

Here is how it can effect you. Take the United States — Population: 303,824,640 (July 2008 est.), The total Palestinian population worldwide is estimated between 10 and 11 million people and various other vulnerable 3rd world economies or the entire population of Africa then, take one billion of those dollars, reinvest in social programs from prevnting pirates from stealing cargo off the coast of Africa to crushing drug violence not, drug users, in the (once beautiful and now riddled with violence) city of Juarez, Mexico near America's boarder. Legalizing, then promoting marijuana as medicine only goes along with the perpetual "Green Economy" that alone can perhaps make everyone in the America's and those in third world countries millionaires and have 49 billion to spare! Americans can lead a humanitarian effort for healing and peace and show our neighboring states how go back and do our homework, grow food and medicine, and usher in a new Golden Age, after all, it's due! What would the real giant drug dealers think? (RELATED UPDATE 3/13/09: "Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy" ? Ed.) Bayer, Pfizer, and Monsanto wouldn't be pleased at all. In any event, It's going to be tough to get it back from Israel, if in fact it is there as reported by TBRNEWS. Needless to say, BBC news could not report any details to the story, they just give us what they want to give us, repeated images of Bernie Madoff walking in and out a court room, photographers snap pictures, tells us what we already know about the case, then quickly cut to a school massacre or SWAT guys looking like mothers and fathers to the killer.

In the Alabama shooting, it seemed to us that the killer was desperatly trying to hide information for good. The burning of his house is clearly the give away. Look at his work history and his track record. had an article that describes the man in some detail but, there is something very odd about his path. This is a method that drug cartels use to get rid of anyone that knows anything. Riddle them with bullets to make the case that much more difficult to solve.

Who else has the training to pull of such acts during these times when things are moving very swiftly in Washington yet more people are still waiting for money to trickle down? It's common for young people to be depressed and out of money and this is the perfect patsy in the news. Of course there was a motive for the 14-21 year old to go on a wild rampage. He was either a hillbilly in the sticks or closeted gay boy right? Lonely and chronically depressed the murderers always seem to come from a middle class family just like yours. He looks like the boy next door who was in school similar to one I've seen before, employed in shitty job, but a whiz with guns. If they couldn't handle the realities of life, why blow away others? If they felt so lonely, why take the people you DON'T like with you? This doesn't add up. By the way, it happens to be the anniversary of the Madrid bombings. Five years ago on 3/11/04, a bomb went off in Madrid under very suspicious circumstances while the city itself was going through similar emergency procedures, for the same exact scenario! Could all of these accidents/attacks with stunnning coincidences (once the details are revealed), be directed toward the psyche of the American and International communities? (UPDATE: On 03/14/09 had a very good article written by Dan Gardber titled "Why shooting rampages aren't big news anymore."

The TBRNEWS is a great resource for inside information related to White House, global, and economical interests. They provide insight as to the workings of the mind for some of the people that we are electing. They consistently bring subject matter to the table in a concise and surprisingly eye-opening, never seen in the main-stream-news kind of way. They have wrapped up a brilliant conversations between Gregory Douglas and Robert Crowley. Two intelligence agents that maintained a telephone correspondence and revealed much information behind the JFK assassination and as Gregory Douglas suggests, the Central Intelligence Agency's involvement revealed through classified documents called, Zipper.

Top Nazi Secret Police officer S.S. General Heinrich Muller, was supposed to be dead after WW2, but as dust settles over the sands of time and tombs are revealed we see now that he was very much alive and co-operating with the U.S. to spy on the Russians. Operation Paperclip, brought top NAZI scientists to America, however William Van Braun surrendered to the U.S., bruised and bloody he went on to work with rockets and secret space programs the Richard Hoagland can talk about in great detail. Inadvertently, discovering anti-gravity and keeping it a secret for so long, going to the moon and bringing him safely to earth was also in his interest. He was TIME magazines man of the year as a head if not, THE HEAD of a brand new NASA. He was very recognized.

However, what if there was a similar influence within our own political system. A brilliant man that understood power and better than that knew how to keep a secret. Heinrich Muller now has his secret diary's posted on TBRNEWS. He was a "How-to-guide" for the Central Intelligence Agency. How to take over a small country, how-to influence elections, how to cash in on the stock market, the list goes on and on. Perhaps there was a how-to in training rouge militia assassins in a manner that "Al Quaida" was trained to fight of the Russians in the 1980's. Who else has the skill and training to pull this off and then at the precise moment have cameras rolling? Has anyone seen WAG THE DOG lately?