Tuesday, December 9, 2008


At the center of our galaxy lies giant black hole. BBC news has finally reported this...

This is important because somewhere in this universe is a floodgate of energy that is never really talked about called a 'White Hole'. Learn more about them here...William Henry talks about this among other mind boggling ideas brought forward from many years of research.

Bill Deagle also talks to Project Camelot about twhat he knows about black holes and nazi swastikas among other things...
"So we’re all interlocked, in other words. The symbol for the super black hole at the center of each galaxy that creates this vortex field that’s connected across an umbilicus to a parallel universe. And the symbol for that is the swastika, the oldest symbol found in the temple at Delhi, India, over 5500 years ago. So they’re quite aware of it. That’s why they had the Society of the Black Sun in Germany because they understood that this knowledge was passed down through… from the sacred libraries collected in most recent times by the Romans. But it ended up in the Vatican Library."
Bill Deagle on Project Camelot 9/24/08