Saturday, January 16, 2010


Here is a Washington myth-related link that the mainstream loves to put out there. Meanwhile, here is an alternative account from a Washington historian that may ruffle some historical feathers called 'The "Black" Eye on George Washington's "White" House.' We at NOW are not Washington historians but, in both accounts, we can not deny the fact that Washington's teeth weren't altogether his, they belonged to another group of souls. His teeth (gatekeepers) or his mouth (gateway) to these spirits, could prove to be as mysterious as Mona Lisa's smile. We will take a different look at this myth from our opinion and perspective.

The origin of the mouth, excuse me, myth is hard to trace. The better question is, why start a rumor and choose wood despite Washington's maticulous records left behind of his personal errors and political accomplisments? Most importantly, the dentures left behind as proof to the fallacy of the myth didn't stop anyone from spreading the rumor. The first path to take to solve the reasoning behind the myth is the symbolic one. Then, by association, we will form a general theme to link all of the meanings behind these symbols. Therefore, after doing a little reading into it, It seems obvious that the myth is "rooted" in symbolic significance to trees. So this may be one reason for the wooden element to the story, however we should first compare it to an earlier myth from his childhood and then connect the dots all the way to Egypt.

"I can not tell a lie." This seems to be the cryptic buzz words for a "cover story", so, he both admits to understanding cover stories and is later praised by his father for "intelligence" on the matter, rather than "lying through his teeth (trees or truth)". It is done by the author that penned the story so, Washington is not to blame for it's authenticity. While reading 'The Cherry Tree' story over again for this post, It wasn't surprising to learn that earlier "he wandered about the garden amusing himself by hacking his mother's pea- sticks". There is a biblical tie in here as well, in terms of the garden as the setting, and the moral played out by two fathers (or feathers) one of them of course, is hidden in the intellect (thought or Thoth).

In analyzing the folk tale, The Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean which was included in the 1734 second edition of Round About Our Coal-Fire (a book the Washington's may have owned), it is obvious that English lore was simply mystical lore and that the Giant(s) here could be likened to God. We propose that the quote from the story could simply indicate that Washington had already visited the mystical location in the heavens (the tree of life) and now was after the physical fathers sacred location (the tree of knowledge)on earth.

For Washington, it could represent his symbolic initiation into dominion over territory, furthering his domestic legend, tying in many esoteric ideas. His father confesses in this myth, "My son, that you should not be afraid to tell the truth is more to me than a thousand trees! yes, though they were blossomed with silver and had leaves of the purest gold!" In English lore, a cherry tree planted near the house brings luck, and the luckiest lovers are those who meet for the first time under a cherry tree. In the bible, before Jesus clears the Temple, He curses a fig tree in Mark 12:14 "May no one ever eat your fruit again!". In the fable, Washington's father clearly observing the flaw in his own character, could only reward his son, rather than give him a consequence for the action. Was this a lie or was the tree cursed?

Further, the ornamental and priceless way he describes his own vision of spirtual truth by multiplying silver trees with golden leaves brings the "duck that lays the golden eggs" from the story of 'Jack and the Beanstalk' into perspective, as the alchemical/physical fruit produced by a material God versus the priceless glory of illumination that comes from rejecting it. Jack could be likened to the biblical Jacob and his own ladder to heaven, and most importantly, Jesus and his initiation into channeling God after He meets John the Babtist, cutting out (or chopping down) the earthly middle-man and attempting this even if it means facing death. It was clear that destiny would choose Him.

While in the desert attempting to speak directly to God, Jesus is tempted by Satan three different times. He resists these temptations and then has a vision of himself with an ax chopping down an apple tree. Later, as He appears as a vision to his waiting disciples, he reaches into his body, manifests his heart and tells them to follow Him. With this new found insight as the Messiah, he proceeds to perform mystical signs and wonders such as giving vision to a blind man, turning water into wine, and raising Lazarus from the dead. It seems that the tree here may symbolically represent Rome and after considering what John the Baptist and Jesus spoke about prior to the visions, it also appears to be the case that the tree was rotten from the roots, thus the axe may symbolize love. Jesus goes on to say about the gatekeepers: "There are many standing at the door, but it is the solitary who will enter the bridal chamber."

As we move on, it's not by accident that trees are also closely linked to the pillar and the mountain. Designed to draw water from the earth and reaching up to the heavens, we see it as the ark that sustains life. Washington was well taught, eventually intitated into the highest level of Freemasony. It seems there was a construction of Washington's persona over the years that influnced both the wisdom seeker and the careless student in life. It was a good way to sell both the books based on myth, and those on half truth's where authenitc rumors could sell twice as may novels. Hidden in books and loose paper, our modern history is a mishmash of thought, ink, and pulp from trees.

Backed by the wealthiest bankers, Napoleon, went into Egypt and the Rosetta stone helped in the discovery of truths over our ancestry. As part of the settlement to end the war with France, the Britsh immediatly took possesion of the stone then, a race to decipher the hieroglyphs was on. Backed by his own wealth, Stanley Kubrick, the visionary director and photographer. He produced some of the most important films related to occult and other hidden symbolic subject matter. He was a well studied chess player that spent more than 10 years on a script that was never filmed about Napoleon. He had collected and studied over 500 books on the subject. Instead, he made Barry Lyndon and Full Metal Jacket. In a 1987 interview with Gene Siskel, Kubrick said, "Full Metal Jacket suggests there is more to say about war than it is just bad." He added that everything serious the drill instructor says, such as "A rifle is only a tool, it is a hard heart that kills," is completely true.

'Spartacus' was Kubrick's take on slavery and I highly recommend it to anyone, as it is still relevant today in a world of body scanners and RFID chips. Couple that with his other film, 'Barry Lyndon', and it could easily suggests a composite of both Napoleon and George Washington's character through Kubrick's point of view. It seems that Kubrick was a very political and highly esoteric writer. If we remember that the hatchet in 'The Cherry Tree' story was also made of wood, then it follows that the story can now carry multiple meanings.

Symbolically, this also reminds us of the 'Dawn of Man' sequence in Kubrick's 2001:A Space Odyssey, as early man discovers a use for mastering weaponry after following the smooth (Kubrick chose wood) surface of the monolith (pillar) up into the heavens. Later, being rewarded by "divine intelligence" with increasing its dominion into the animal world and revising it's territorial strategy, thus changing the landscape as it goes. One wonders what new landscapes lie ahead in this thirst for knowing more?

One big secret among many in that film is that the future mission's to Jupiter and beyond, are all based on cover stories! Even HAL catches on before the space crew! In Chinese astrology wood is ruled by Jupiter. It is also personified as a God-like man in the Mesopotamian version Marduk. Following the Greeks version in Zeus replaced by that of the Romans Jupiter, which we use today to describe only the planet out in space. Attributes for Jupiter also include the eagle, a sceptre, and a thunderbolt. All of these symbols are used to describe secret and sacred hidden meanings.

'The Apotheosis of George Washington' centered in inner occulus of the U.S. Capitol dome, casts a new version of who the new God/man or Gold man became. The enlightened man like the ancient pharaohs buried in golden tombs, their arms crossed with a crook (sceptre or scepTREE) and flail (thunderbolt, God's Teeth or Thoth) engraved into a coffin. They were destined to write the history that we now follow. Most common Egyptians were never heard from again, this is why we can no longer say that slaves built pyramids, as those slaves would have been Hebrew people, and so far their records show a story that contradicts what is obviously a cover story to how the Pyramids of Giza where built and what they were really used for. Mummies were buried in the Valley of the kings, in secret tombs away from the pyramid sites.

The tomb of George Washington is empty, serving it's purpose, likened to an empty sarcophagus. This is at the heart of the mysterious Kings Chamber in Giza. The key to transfiguration. A metaphysical metamorphosis of intelligent man that wanted to hoard what was offered in both the spiritual and material world. So "crooks" in life always had a chance to redeem themselves through the (tree, crook, wood) of knowledge, both good and evil. Perhaps the rumor persisted about Washington's wooden teeth to temporarily conceal the truth behind his use of his own slaves teeth. His reputation is now one that seems to be headed for mythology in a pantheon with Zeus.

In ancient Egypt, Andjety was the local god of the Delta town named Djedu. He was represented in human form with two ostrich feathers (atef) on his head and holding the crook and flail in his hands. At a very early date in Egyptian history, Andjety, who had a close relationship with kingship from the earliest of times, was absorbed into Osiris of Busiris, who became a national god known simply as Osiris. Osiris, of course, was regarded not only as a god but also as a deified deceased king and consequently his insignia, and particularly that of the crook and flail, were treated as symbols of royalty.

We can finish here with Yankee Doodle, a song with a mysterious origin and meaning and a paragraph from one of NOW's favorite author's, Manly P. Hall. Yankee Doodle could be an inspired story taken from ancient esoteric wisdom, simply to sell the latest "cover story" in a time to justify the atrocities of war and racism through hidden spiritual contexts. See this latest ABC article, U.S. Military Weapons Inscribed With Secret 'Jesus' Bible Codes. Could Jesus be the feather (father) in the cap of cabalists, using references to justify and promote war at any cost necesary to protect these secret traditions? Or is there something else going on? It could be that the feather provided by Ma'at (MAC-aroni or Maat-crown) at the weighing of the heart ceremony in the afterlife could be the second (hidden) feather associated with Andjety.

I see another snarl of men
A digging graves they told me,
So 'tarnal long, so 'tarnal deep,
They 'tended they should hold me.

It scared me so, I hooked it off,
Nor stopped, as I remember,
Nor turned about till I got home,
Locked up in mother's chamber.

Does the gatekeeper lie within? From HEALING: THE DIVINE ART by Manly P. Hall:
"The [pineal] gland and it's auraus constitute a microcosm. The cabalists perfectly symbolized the mystery in their Sephirothic tree. The first and the highest part of this tree they called the Kether; it corresponds to the pineal gland. Chochmah, and Binah, the second and third spheres, correspond to the right and left lobes of the cerebrum. In the cabalistic writings it is stated that the ten parts of the Sepherothic tree represents the ten parts of the human body, but that all of these parts exist primarily within the Kether itself. Thus the whole tree is within the crown (Kether) in principia. Likewise, the whole body and the whole life of man is within the magnetic field of the pineal gland, the light radiating from which is the crown."