Thursday, November 13, 2008


Akhenaten was an 18th Dynasty pharaoh whom was also known as Amenhotep IV or the 4th in a long line of Amenhotep's. What does Amenhotep mean and why was it important for Akhenaten to change his name, making this seemingly drastic move to re-unite the people of ancient Egypt? There could be many similarities between Akhenaten and Barack(henaten). Surprising or synchronistic, William Henry also posted a similar item on his blog only 4 days after we first referenced  hinted at it on 10/6.  Is Egypt in the air (heir) for the possible (phara)Ohbama?  'Para' means beyond, so let's look at what perhaps they are not telling us about the next president.

Barack is the next leader in the World-Soap-Opera-Batters-Box. It's very telling when I look at Akhenaten depicted as a sphinx at Amarna, in his half lion body and the engulfment of light through Aten above. I suddenly had two visions, one where he and Michelle Obama (Nefertiti) have one more girl before he is out of office, while the world reacts. In the second vision I saw Michelle Obama announcing a baby, it's born and named Solomon, again the world reacts. Could this come to pass? Looking back, it already did century's ago when Tutankhaten or "Living image of the Aten", original name of Tutankhamon, decided to return back to their old ways and restore these secret mystery schools, Amun-Ra as well as Amun considered "the hidden aspect of the sun during the night", in contrast to Ra-Herakhty as the "visible aspect during the day". Amun clearly meant the one who is hidden. This complexity over the sun led to a gradual movement toward the support of a more pure form of deity.

What does this have to do with Barack Obama? His name has 18 letters. Hussein simply means "handsome" and it's funny when people in the media try to make it sound like it may mean, terrible dictator, when we've had one for the last 8 years. His first name means "may God bless you" or "blessings from God". He's also dealt with identity issues related to his names. He will have to bridge that gap or create that sense of unity that many seem to already see happening. It may be an infinite journey to develop that lion body and go back into the light and transfigure with eternity. (C)linton couldn't do it but maybe (O)bama will help?

We also are working not only on bringing forward synchronicities between Obama and Abraham Linclon but, another Abraham that controversially may also be Amenhotep 4, the biblical Abraham. Do these people all represent the same person reincarnated over time? Amenhotep/Abraham/Obama. Saddam Hussein started to believed he was Nebuchadnezzar II reincarnated, tried to rebuild Babylon and eventually was captured while ancient cuneiform tablets were looted from the Iraqi Museums. It's plausible to believe UNESCO could have contributed to providing the U.S. with detailed maps where these treasures were stored. The question still remains, will they jump in and keep taking what they want from us or will they finally let people in on suppressed knowledge dating back to Mars, Saturn and who knows where else?

Where do we come from and are we going back there? What does the mind/body/spirit have anything to do with it and is this perhaps another journey where many are needed. Is this the beginning of a "New Dynasty" rather than a confusing sounding "New World Order"?  Either way we can predict a baby announcement in the next two or three years just to make things interesting. They already tested it with Sarah Palin and people seem to accept it. Perfectly planting political and world seeds of change for that remarkable future/past/present cycle of synchronicity. Story developing...