Thursday, November 13, 2008


In our opinion clearly, there is another synchronistic glow on Saturn depicting an interesting "O", sort of like the Galaxy depicted in ARP 147. As noted in the article below from 11/11, these ring galaxies may have formed when a companion galaxy passed through the ring galaxy. The interaction would produce a wave effect that would first draw matter into the center and then cause it to propagate outward in a ring. It could also be a direct biblical reference making the eye of the needle methaphor possible for those who practice love, human and spiritual compassion and could transfigure into light beings and pass through that eye like a particle through a wormhole. This is the most beautiful of the three where ever in space this phenomenon is taking place. This is also beautiful synchronization with many of the other great activities going on out there related to the ring or the "O" that is strangely being drawn up in space. The colors are infrared but are certainly telling. Like an ouroboros, it is a reminder of the potential in all of us.

For instance, new cycle sunspot 1008 or SUNSPOT NUMBER 16(!) is slowly fading away. Guess what i's shape was? An "O" and it's going out like a kiss! That may be signaling something very positive and exciting or scary and frighning for humanity. We the People are starting to wake up! Slowly, we are comming together again. Trust is dawning as it's never seen the light of day but something is there. There is proof of it everywhere around us. Unity, The Ring, The Circle, Infinty, Eternity... There are major changes happening in the world, the solar system and others out there everyday.