Saturday, July 4, 2009


Michael Pollan is a leading author in a revolutionary field with his new book, 'IN DEFENSE OF FOOD: AN EATER'S MANIFESTO'. The title alone provokes the awesome idea, that someone out there, namely Pollan, knows we were in danger of being wiped out by a ticking time bomb that was placed there by our masters. We can begin this campaign without fear in our own homes, or perhaps we should say, right in our own backyards with the planting of a victory garden.

Slowly, a victorious movement to reestablish our roots in domestic agriculture and lead the way in favoring home-grown food and medicine as a healthy alternative for others to learn from has significantly increased everywhere. The metaphorical acorn that the peace-loving generation from the 1960's planted for us has grown to an Oak tree. After all, by many scholarly accounts we are supposed to be either, The New Atlantis or Atlantis reincarnated so why not also reincarnate a New Golden Age?

Food has been used as a 'Silent Weapon' in this country, bloated and dependent a on fast food diet. In other areas of the world that are less fortunate such as Gaza, they are forced into starvation with road-blocks. Some countries are placed under sanctions but they find ways to trade with others.

Like sand passing through an hourglass, matter that is seemingly chaotic in nature will reassemble into a stronger form in a different location. This can be applied to world economies and eventually we all learn from people like Michael Pollan who can also be seen in the current documentary, 'FOOD INC.' Polyculture shows us how the macro and the micro can live together harmoniously. Is there a conscious world within plants? We must rediscover the value in every layer of life to move fluidly within these times.

When we deny our past and traditions, we eventually recover these memories and remember how to use these traditions anyway. It's clearly a delay tactic by the powers that be. Preserving our methods for future civilizations is vital and sometimes suppressed, however sooner or later the inquisitive student will finally see the seed that was placed there by someone else blossom into a flower that can be examined and carefully studied later, as now the student has perspective in the life cycle.

The Doomsday Seed Vault is merely another of these examples. It is hidden in the arctic behind tons of concrete and cold. This could be seen as a modern day Noah's Ark. But surely some survivors will hold the key to those seeds. Who's the lucky guy, we wonder? Are those seeds Organic? With all kidding aside, we must preserve our history even if it means burying the secret recipes from others in symbols. Otherwise, how else can these complicated ideas make sense if you don't combine multiple images layered upon itself like an alchemical scene or like life itself. The Emerald Tablet of Thoth is assumed to be this key to life itself, the tablet itself representing the ultimate in "Green Technology".

There can even be a 'hyper-dimensional harvest' that human beings haven't experienced since our last 'upgrade' in consciousness. Perhaps, love is an obvious fruit to the hyper-dimensional harvest where millions of people will in unison, 'upgrade' their DNA to one which the Ancient Mayans, who were brilliant astronomers and farmers understood. Every 500 or so years a positive world leader comes to the front of the line and endorses methods that the world finds questionable. As a catalyst for this age and by default we will suggest Barack Obama and the Obama Administration as this entity.

It is understood that organisms have been going through cycles of destruction and rebirth. To understand the greater significance of time passing, these cycles that seem to encourage the combining of both of these natures are seemingly equal. But how can we measure both the visible and invisible and is it possible? Are they equal in proportion always as the Yin and Yang suggest or could these be parallel and opposing time-sequences that we are free to jump around in? Could one purposely choose the wrong choices because they feel they can make up the right ones elsewhere in space time? We don't need a Large Hadron Collider to figure this out.

We suppose that God gives with one hand as he takes with another. Could this be true or are we looking at that with the overwhelming perspective of a entity with wrath already in his parenting plan? Could this plan be modified for our cycle or astrological age? We here at NOW think so. Seemingly, the information getting out there significantly looks at these serious issues and it is up to us to make the right choices on our own. The movies, the books, and the blogs can not follow you into the store and tell you to reconsider your purchase but perhaps, a little voice will always be there to guide us and it hasn't been asleep for any or all of our choices.

The water used in commercial agriculture should also be seriously looked at. Our bodies age because they rust, when you add stress on top of that, it makes for a very short and dangerous life-span. Under certain circumstances we could live to be years beyond the current norm without having to see a doctor unless there is severe trauma on the body that needs immediate medical attention. Using natural forms of medicine and learning how to grow those could also prove to be beneficial for our survival now that our health care system is going to get an overhaul.

It should also be seriously considered that shamans, priests, and anyone else with knowledge an open mind, could literary have their "minds open", or to awaken into a whole new perspective. Nature and it's inner-workings using organic food and natural-occurring psychoactive plants will finally be revealed to the initiate. Will a chimpanzee evolve into a human like form if it eats a handful of psilocybin mushrooms? No! We suggest that it would maintain it's form and possibly ask for more in a year after pondering the effects of the first dose.

The ideas and facts that Michael Pollan provides are by no means new, however it is refreshing to listen to his lectures, read his book, and feel like I have to nod my head in agreement with every other subject he mentions. There is simply no one else like him out-there covering so much ground on this important issue in the main-stream. He reminds of us of Peter Singer in terms of main-stream people that were allowed to write, and speak out while maintaining their academic positions for their controversial views.

Our procedures for getting food, the destructive methods and other startling facts are hard to swallow. Hitler started a successful barter system for goods during his term in power. It certainly made the banks furious because they had been backing him the entire time. As evil as he was made out to be by his makers, no doubt barter will be something to look into when we can no longer afford to fill our gas tanks with $5.00 gasoline. This is not a temporary problem, it was designed to be this way by our makers. In this case, those at the top that seem to be crumbling like a house of cards, the crooked banking institutions. Remember the corrupt U.N. Oil for Food scam program?


It will not shock most people when it is finally revealed that most of the food we eat, that is, the food that comes from mass-grocery stores, have undoubtedly played a major role in our current health crisis. Some will shrug and say, "yeah, yeah...I know" and make a bee line for their T.V. dinner. It is not very hard to reverse this conditioning. The world does not have to flood over again to get the point or start anew. It dose it naturally with consciousness. When the Nile flooded in Ancient Egypt, our ancestors there and in other areas learned from prehistoric astronomy, our seasons, and from wisdom that we have a natural technology that has been provided for us to perpetually sustain and maintain our lives with harvestable crops year after year.

Michael describes food and the method to growing sustainable organic farms as 'technology'. As we come closer to a world population of 10 billion, we are finding ways to reassemble ourselves into a stronger energy force working together for the future of our civilization. This is why his book digs into point after point in defense of nutrition to our bodies. He makes appropriate comments and relevant facts supporting the coming expansion both in our population and world consciousness regarding growing our own food.

President Obama has made the connections between our corrupt health care system, our dietary needs, and the defenseless populations of American citizens that have been slowly poisoned by companies that make genetically modified food, the dangerous pesticides, and the medications you can take to complete this incredibly dangerous cycle. We are seeing serious changes in our social consciousness when we have Michelle Obama harvesting an organic garden, sending America a message meanwhile, to paraphrase Michael Pollan, the first lady had a letter sent to her by Monsanto, urging her to reconsider what her message to country might be. This may suggest a very powerful message to reinterpret to the Obama administration which could be, "Stay way from our profits".

On a different however, still harmonious note, we must also recognize hemp both, as 'rope or dope', a valuable commodity. We depend on it for both the future 'green' economy and a self sustaining channel for world healing. Hugh Downs of ABC's 20/20 reports here how hemp could "save our Earth". There were many steps taken in the past to isolate marijuana as a powerful drug that should be made completely illegal during a time when Monsanto, Bayer, DuPont, and Mr.(timber-industry-in-the-lower-right-hand-pocket) William Randolph Hearst needed the public to 'support' their oil-based products.

It was a brilliant packaging job that was placed right into the mouths and minds of a vulnerable society that was confused by wars and economical bubble bursting perfectly played by everyone involved. Eric Hoffer wrote an amazing book that will break down the reason behind mass movements called, 'The True Believer'. As they said in the now almost extinct business that Hearst majestically manipulated, "Read all about it!". By the way, the only industry that could save this now failing newspaper buisness is ironically, 100% Hemp newspapers and ink.

The powerful people that depend on oil to run the country have lined their pockets with looted money from the American people through their disgusting practices. John Yoo also happened to be a professor at U.C. Berkeley alongside Michael Pollan proving absolutely nothing besides that we have very diverse Universities. Here, you can learn the ropes from people that pull the strings in the world and then, take a class on how to cut through the red tape.

It's becoming crystal clear how corrupt manufacturing can be if one spends that same amount of time showing our children how to grow food and which to rotate to avoid any use of pesticides. When we determine the conditions of our growing medium, we can to a large degree determine the growth of our own growing mediums, the human body. Plants are like people in that they are both a combination of proto-plasma and water. Plants also grow best when their growing medium is as free from stress as possible and depend on the close association they have with other beneficial living organisms to help in the co-evolution of our kingdom here on earth.

We were growing further and further apart from ancient systems that have maintained life on earth in place of what we "thought" was an efficient, modern ways. The cost and energy spent on mass food/energy production exceeds the value on the simple methods provided by our ancestors. Way before it stopped making sense to drive produce from California to New York, we let our indulgences get the best of us. The earthly natural resources we have are becoming supernatural burdens for our survival. There is evidence that the current Obama administration is herding it's citizens in the right direction. Our energy is our power. It will take an important and patient set of parents to show children what to do in yard and transform it into a perpetual supply of energy. Certainly, when we have the state teaching us what to do, at the very least at least we have the perpetual support of Michael Pollan.