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10/09/09 3p.m. Berkeley, CA
It would be great to compare history books and take whatever is in reference libraries and allow people to check them out and take them home to chew on for a while. It's amazing that public libraries only let you check out fiction and what they call "non-fiction", that is to say there's a kernel of truth in what ever you are reading but, it's a huge jigsaw puzzle that you'll have to figure out for yourself. If you want to make copies at a library they charge you up to a quarter in some areas that are not already forcing them to close, due to budgetry issues, not beacuse nobody is inside of them.

So it begins with our libraries. We have a very tortured history reapating itself time and time again. This is the message that the fabric of space-time has created when we think of time as a river flowing. The current between two banks is how our world works. We have coffers and libraries of hidden treaseures for instance The Department of Treasury and National The Library of Congress being the other. They must be protected from looting to preserve our nation, of course!

Founded by Alexander The Great in 331 B.C.E., Alexandria in Egypt once housed the greatest libraries known to the world, later looted and burned into non-existance. The second Alexandria in Virginia is a retreat for Washington insiders with free internet for most residents. It's very intersting that wikipedia has deleted the individual entries for the Alexandrian founders to trace their origins. Another hidden treasure! Protected by the Department of Defence and think tanks, of course! The two locations are linked and it's not by accident.

Volumes upon volumes of currencies flow through our world and there are suggestions that Bernake may not be re-affirmed and there will be temporary collapse of the economy. Our economy, or our "currency" is not the only one nor are we really the strongest. China will no longer honer derivitives and manufactures are afraid that they have no "real" money and that Wall Street gamblers will ultimatly fail so with their last bit of loose change, are lobbying for disclosure.

In other words, they want to let the cat out of the bag in so many places but, the problem is that they don't know how. For example that is why NASA has been absent from the public domain in terms of sharing water on the moon, the moon of Saturn, moon structures, mineral mining, and most importantly extra-terrestrial life. We had to wait until India had the possibility to go into space by "permission only" from a group of individuals that I will go into later.

Now, here we have a couple of wars, one in very ancient spiritual region and the other, well ditto. I already went into Afghanistan and can go into further detail on that a different time if you'd like but, essentially we are going back to where we came from for something very special.

Let's go back in time now. Sumerian culture is now known to pre-date Egyptian by two or three thousand years, if not more. There is a system of dating artifacts called radio-carbon dating. You can take decomposing matter and get plus or minus 40 years of the date, sort of like layers on onion. The discovery of ancient cuniform tablets by French and German archeologists in Sumer, Iraq got the C.I.A. very intersted in that area again.

As it turns out the WMD's were ancient cylinder seals and tablets that depicted Sumerain Gods like Enki (later Osiris) or Marduk performing resurrections, using free technologies, and most of all carving the details of our ancient past into them. Our real origins, or real mythology that now turns out to be very real. They now knew that Saddam who beleived was the reincarnate of King Nebuchadnezzer from the bible, who himself beleived to be a reincarnate of Nimrod, the original builder of the tower of Babel also had looking glass technology. Reminder: the tower of Babel is in Babylon, Iraq!

Saddam Hussein wanted to rebuild that Tower or in a sense a "stairway to heaven", as William Henry proposes, by collecting these seals and housing them secretly for years, until the secret got out. His intentions were to build a University or a library that would get them and in that sense, would be the new "Tower of Babel".

So, as the world spins (rotation) and changes location in it's orbit (revolving) around the sun, there was yet another cycle of time that was discovered by our ancient ancestors called "procession". This is a very special event as we are going into a time frame that was called out originally by Sumerian engravings, later the pyramids of Giza, then the Mayans.

It's no mistakes that 12/21/2012 is significant both in the world of astronomy and social conciousness. The date was isolated by the groups to signal a change in procession that would also allow a window of opportunity in the development of the human DNA and perhaps animal DNA, as we see already a convergencein the animal kingdom. Even recently, there was a crop circle layed out in the Netherlands. The biggest of it kind known to man was called The Vertuvian Man Butterfly after DaVinci's Vertuvian Man from 500 years ago (Reminder: Bill Gates owns his Codex and has a kay to the Doomsday Vault), the time we recived our last
"upgrade in DNA". With a quadruple DNA helix as a wingspan! Not a peep of this from the mainstream even though it was layed down around 07/08/09 (or 08/07/09 date is still unspecified).

Procession was well understood then, so they took sacred geometry, and alchemy and embedded these secrets in Vatican funded art through the ages after the Templars. Although the Vatican had a history of torturing and jailing whistleblowers, they finally had to honor these people they killed as saints. It was supposed to be for the good of man to keep us in the dark about anything that our bodies were capable of doing. In so far that we are only meant to breed and used as slave objects in anyway shape or form. Building order out of chaos, divide and conquor, and so on kept people on the edge, moving along, and in check.

Procession, along with some may call the "Chandler wobble" like a top spinning, eventually it will slow on it's axis and come to a stop. In antiquity, this was called "The Great Year" or a rediscovered longer astrological timeframe that made it's mark roughly every 25,000 years. We are now in the age of Picses, 2000 years ago we were in the age of the Ram, and guess what is guess it, the age of Aquarius. Procession will lead us into the dawn of a new age by marking it's position on 12/21/2012.

Now, going back into Iraq here will bring us new ideas for this mission we have there however, they can not be made public due to "National Security". Cylinder seals and cuniform tablets are about the size of a fuse. They contain vital peices to the puzzle that will eventually become more of a mosaic or, "Big Picture". In their depictions we see half man/half serpent beings or beings with helmets delivering vital information to the initiate with wands or rods in their hand. In a sense orchestraded, we were being given "divine instructions", "tones" or "tounges", so that we could retrace our steps at any point and go back to where we once came from using stargate technology, pineal gland activation, teleportation, transfiguring time and space as a Rainbow Body, and loads of other mystical secrets and devices that our bodies could perform on our own and with the right tools.

Needles to say, due to national security, we had to go in there and loot whatever they had to get a head start into 2012. Remember when Napoleon went into Egypt to be crowned pharoah after he had taken France by storm. He was an outsider that made it into insider and worked out deals with banks to finance these expiditions to recover Egyptian artifacts and decipher them. He knew that Cleopatra VII was the real last pharoah of Egypt and was the last to understand Heiroglyphs.

His teams of scientists and artist recovered tons of artifacts now housed in general museums around the world, with the most famous being the Rosetta Stone. The code was cracked by Jean Champillon 20 years after Napoleons mistakes in Waterloo. That got him sent to Saint Helena to die on his own and was most probably poisoned.

Well, the re-understanding of heiroglyphs brought about the industrial revolution to the table. After the release of vast technologies that were still kept private for many years it bacme obvious to many that the secrets were starting to be revealed. When we have the public in the dark about reality, it makes the winners in history re-write the story any way they please.

Darwin came in and went along with the snail pace "evolution", Although people were skeptical about his theory then, more accept it now becasuse the alernative is creation and we all know that is just as bogus. What happened here from my perspective (and now, this is jsut a theory like Darwins that others seem to be following) is that there was a kind of "intervention" that occured in our ancient past that brought humanity here.

The bad news is that at the current moment we can not escape the earth because we are being told to stay. That is, we haven't seen public moon missions in 40 years becasue we are a dangerous group of beings that are trying to create chaos simply to try and organize a way to control it and those in it. Physicist love this becasue in Quantum mechanics, thoretically matter can pass through walls and life as we know it is chaotic.

This couldn't be farther from the truth. Life is elegantly designed, as Einstein even said that God does not play dice with the universe, this is simply a metaphor for intelligent design. There are accidents but it seems like there are more coincidences or should we say, sychronicities?

Like a clock that keeps ticking, we were running out of time to take over the world. We were supposed to usher in Hilary Clinton, who was being finaced by the Rothchild banking families the entire time. The plan was to go into the Middle East region, and excerscie our dominace until 2012 to keep people in the dark. What is amazing here is that we are now on a parallel timeline going further away from those perspectives and now heading straight into a world where the devious plot twisters are either killing themselves, fake dissapearing, and sideswiped by positive events.

When Obama came into office he made a lot of promises knowing he only had his families support and the publics support. It's only been near 9 months since he was sworn in but he already has brought a global consciousness to the table. this is why he was awarded the Nobel Prize early, so that he "prevents from straying" from his cause, and to serve as a reminder for what he has done already, which is gather respect from the Muslim world so that we may one day live in harmony with various strrangers we could not seem to trust based on our own prejudices and ideology.

Even if he just sit in office, giving great speeches it's already crystal clear that he is completely out of step with the ruling elite. He holds hands with them for photo ops and repects their positions that they hold next to his but, I see the foundations here for space exploration so that we could reveal our hidden past and disclose technologies. People will have to learn about what these things are including, artificial gravity, cold fusion, and stargate transportation devices. Before we start going through wormholes, like our ancient ancestors seem to have understood, we have to walk along the open road and see what is ahead and can not jump right into it. Elders aready have a hard time setting their television sets. So we had to go through Alexander the great, Napoleon, and Hitler to arrive at this point in time.

Finally, when the war on terror began, it was a war that Bush, called "Gog and Magog". He thought the biblical identities had resurfaced to give him this divine instuction to press away into the region and finish the job. He was a skull and bonesman that played stupid for everyone but perhaps, understood the esoteric system of belief that led to his presidancy. It was his rite of passage, understanding that he would not really be the man to finish the job, the next one would be.

The war on terror was just that, a war on "terra" as he called it. Terra means "land" or "love" and it was appropriate for the administation to use this word play, such as Shock and awe. Ask a person that speaks arabic what shock and awe means and they'll tell you, it's not pretty. These are symbolic gestures and words used to signal events, so beleive it is divine, while others think it's mischief. The war on terror or "terra" is just that, a war on love, and our earth by our central intelligence agancy and their buisness partners in the military industry and secret police.

The bottom line here is that love is the center of all things coming together. It is the that tether that ties it all together. Through infinate simplicity we are all connected, as Einstiens thoeory of realtivity states. Everything was in the Big Bang (or band), the seed (or sound) of life and we are all composed of it, like a broken mirror we each hold a shard. We think we see the truth but, we are only holding a very small piece. The attempts to hide the truth will only come in a violent way, their history depends on it. Yet, love only needs an ember to burn and once the you fan the fires of love, there is no looking back.