Monday, October 6, 2008


Here's a post from a new contributor to this blog, Adam G:

There's 'talk' about a potential first-contact on october 14th 2008.
Its pretty interesting to consider, and I recommend doing a google
search on the matter. Then have a look at this link.

I'm personally unbiased to this claim - if it is true then that is
cool if not then that's OK too.

I wikipedia'ed 10 14 and looked through the years mentioned. Namely,
1947; 1979; 1933; 1888. The events on those years aren't so critical
but this is after listening to David Flynn's talk.

anyway its all pretty interesting.
always interesting. - Adam

In case yo haven't heard, even the Vatican has been very interested in this event happening very soon. What are they waiting for?