Wednesday, October 1, 2008


John McCain's father was a very respect rear admiral for the U.S.. TBRNEWS has printed an extended version of an article that was first published in THE NATION on 9-18-08 by Sydney H. Schanberg.
The article makes details events surrounding P.O.W. prisoners left behind during the Vietnam. They were either executed after the U.S. would not provide a 4 Billion dollar ransom for reparations to the country.
By the time Nixon signed the deal to get some POW/MIA Americans out of Hanoi, McCain had already confessed under interrogations, tried to commit suicide twice, had tea and cookies with Cubans, and was already trying to forget what happened because he feared how his respected father would react to the news upon his return to the U.S. Once he commenced his position as a politician, he very quickly began moves to suppress the fact that men were left behind with John Kerry. The 'McCain Bill' says it all.