Sunday, March 22, 2009


We were trying very hard to refrain from tying-in U.F.O.'s to the post regarding sonic boom/mystery explosions/fireballs in the sky phenomena...until today. Last night, after watching testimony from a family on a History Channel Alien Encounters episode(where both an explosion and a fireball were heard), we were convinced there were reasons to tie it in.

We here at NOW have perhaps something new to add to this extraordinary story. These mysterious blasts are being heard everywhere across U.S. and abroad and this Wired magazine article written a while back may perfectly explain exactly what may be going on...

*NASA Will Re-Open Kecksburg UFO Files
In a victory for UFO enthusiasts, NASA has agreed to search for documents related to a mysterious incident that the government has tried to downplay or, some would say, cover up...for decades.

Brandon Keim

Plus, a very peculiar thing happens when sun-spot activity crashes to a does trading in Wall St. Do stocks crash during solar minimum? Market strategists know this and take advantage of it, while people go crazy and loose everything including their minds, family, as this story suggests of a local shooting near Oakland, CA.

We only hope that this is were the violence ends and an all out war between police and thieves doesn't break out and spill out into the streets and instead hostilities are miraculously suspended. The Oakland Police Department will have to step up and become officers for peace. Perhaps this would prevent further local copy-cat scenarios from occurring.

What should occur is a mass meditation for universal peace. Consciousness can step in and give us further insight into healing as David Wilcock suggests in his latest blog, The Consciousness Field.

"Is there a "Consciousness Field" that is the source of all matter, energy, biological life and consciousness as we know it?

Does this Field effectively prove that "There is a God"?

Does it also prove that ESP and other paranormal phenomena are not so "impossible" after all — but rather just skills we all have, but are not using?

In this program you will find out the answers to these questions. Prepare to have your mind blown!"

David Wilcock

(UPDATE 3/25/09)
More mysterious fireballs and sonic boom type explosions are heard near Central Savannah's Regional Development Center.

Local law enforcement agencies also report hearing the boom, but no one knows what caused it.

Chris Turner, and Aiken County resident, told WJBF News Channel 6’s Sheena Bodie what he saw and heard, in a phone interview. We have also been informed that two Aiken County Sheriff’s Office deputies reportedly saw a fireball in the sky.
--WJBF 3/20/09

This article comes with video with video...

Mysterious Boom Rattles CRSA
A resounding boom rattled residents of Georgia-Carolina. --WJBF-TV

Later in the article,this post was left on the message board...

Posted by ( blue1 ) on March 23, 2009 at 2:22 am
I live in Idaho and on the 4th of March we had a similar thing happen about 5:15 pm. The windows shook and there was 3 loud booms. We thought that there was an earthquake or a plane crash or something,maybe a sonic boom. We contacted the local news and they said no earthquakes were reported, and no military maneuvers were being held at that time and basically that we didnt hear anything. I really wonder what this is, and if maybe they are doing testing and just not letting the public know. If it is happening across the map it seems very strange to me. I would like to know what this was.