Wednesday, March 11, 2009




There is literally, so much noise out there both, in the news and here on earth these days regarding mysterious explosive sounds rattling homes and rattling the mind. What are those explosions and where are they coming from? NOW will make its own attempts at solving the sonic riddle that is shaking up the world.

First, we can look at our own testimony and tie it in to the relating articles. On February 17Th, there was rain in Oakland and the surrounding Bay Area. At 10:45 a.m a mysterious bang reverberated around homes and our initial reaction was thunder. However, there was no thunder previous to that bang and noted there after, it seemed odd with no rumbles or crackling before or after the explosion. Later in the day, it occurred to this author that on the previous day news, there was a story about flashes of fire and a mysterious "sonic boom" and "fireballs" reported by everyone and their mother in Texas.

TEXANS HEAR SONIC BOOM, SEE FIREBALL - U.S. Strategic Command Says It Was Likely A Meteorite --AHN 02/16/09

THE SKY IS FALLING. People report debris, a fireball, an explosion. Nobody knows what it could be but certainly, people witness something mysterious.

We are told that this is not a result of a recent crash between two U.S. and Russian satellites...
Satellite Debris Is Beginning to Make People More Suspicious Than Necessary. --efluxmedia 2/17/09

This could be a classic smoke screen for what is really going on. Naturally, we were not convinced by the meteorite thread. Puzzled and not happy with obvious mainstream explanations we took it a step further and started to search the Internet. Besides the story at the time reported on 2/16/09 and our own explosive sound in the Bay Area, there wasn't much to search for...yet.

A month later and with a little patience, we have discovered here at NOW that there has been much talk and speculation about these explosions. Including a recent boom in The San Jose/Santa Cruz Area again! Here is recent article pertaining to that mystery on 03/07/09.

Suprisingly, speculation about sonic booms and explosions in the sky were then printed by for the Bay Area four years before 12/21/2012. Was this explosion a sign for future events? Was that sonic boom that happened near Modesto, CA on 12/21/08 a preliminay trumpet? Here are just a handful of other accounts pouring in from all over the country in the last few months, with a spike of booms occurring in the last two months...

'Mysterious boom' may have been sonic. --KABC 03/04/09

Did you feel the mystery shake? --Seal Beach Daily 03/04/09

Things again going BOOM in the night in S. Minneapolis.--Star Tribune 02/20/09

Mysterious Explosions Near Mississippi River in Minneapolis Police investigating source of explosions. --FOX9 02/19/09

Maryville residents report home-shaking phenomenon. --Volunteer TV 02/20/09

Mysterious boom heard in southern Westchester. --LO HUD 3/20/09

Sonic booms may increase. --Almagordo Daily News 03/07/09

Yellowstone Park geology remains mysterious. Could it be that these booms are coming from underground volcanoes? --Great Falls Tribune -- 02/21/09

This could be unrelated to the sonic boom phenomena, however we will include this story as an unexplained mystery explosion. Later you will read why this story could be important so, it is almost for certain that the following story has a very high synchronized coincidence with international events with further explanations in part two of the article...

Mysterious Explosion Collapses Three Montana Buildings, Prompts Two-Block Evacuation. --FOXNews 03/05/09

Here is the first in an international chain of explosions...

Sonic boom prompts Naples volcano scare. --UPI 10/08/08


An explanation for all of this could be as simple as a NASA project that we know very little about. Here is a story printed on 2/11/09 talking about NASA projects that will silence this boom. However, is this even possible if we ask the age old question: If a tree falls in the middle of the woods and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound? Go here to discover NASA's side of the story.

Could it be from another world altogether? Are they perhaps galactic tones?

Scientists hear mystery boom from space. Radio noise from distant cosmos is six times louder than expected. --SPACE.COM 01/07/09

NOW has just discovered that perhaps we can take it even one step further and look at today's headlines to form the least obvious source for these booms; gas. How can gas cause a sonic boom? After looking at these recent reports this morning about ocean acidity. The BBC news could be telling us the real cause of these mysterious booms. Here is how it works, think..."global burp".

Carbon dioxide emissions from human activities are acidifying the oceans and threaten a mass extinction of sea life, a top ocean scientist warns. --BBC NEWS 3/11/09

Could CO2 cause massive explosions like "sonic booms"? It could possibly be a reason why we are hearing about these booms at U.S. states heavily polluted with ocean water packed with excessive CO2. Statistics show as much as a 30% increase of CO2 absorbed into the ocean water in recent years.

There have been some threads realted to recent chlorine use in bombs, including unexplained explosions in in Iraq killing many. A whistleblower for Halliburton/KBR on The Rachel Maddow Show has talked about voltage in the water alone above 120 volts! No deaths have been reported after these sonic booms here in the states however, there is a large metropolitan city writer that has recently reported that perhaps, a bomber is going out there and detonating these explosions somehow. There is little information or logic to tie in those factors into this story. However, it is not out of the question. We will not link to that article because we see this as perhaps typical dis-imformation/big city fear-tactic/problem/reaction/deal-with-it-solution so we will withhold where this is happening.

Finally, what ever the case may be; meteorites, fast jets, ocean acidity or mystery tones resonating from space. They are still unexplained symptoms of perhaps a bigger problem, bubbling at the surface. The bright side remains in the research ahead as perhaps all matter can be seen as "waves" scattering constantly, reorganizing itself into geometrical shapes and shifting in and out between forms as the double slit experiment or Mandelbrot Sets explain. The energy of these waves hitting us is effecting us in some way. It remains to be determined...