Monday, March 30, 2009


Our last installment in this five-part article for items NOW IN THE NEWS, will bring about startling questions, observations, and perhaps biblical implications in the recent string of cosmic bombardment to hit Earth. We will take one last look at this mysterious phenomena as we bring in all recent and previous data collected on this explosive story.


On 10/02/08, we posted THIS PIECE related to fear tactic used in the media to alert people of things to come. The BBC article we wanted people to get a second look at had implications of greater importance to the nature of our state both as a country and individuals. Major news organizations release material in a timely manner sort of like a soap opera. For those who do not believe there are cliffhangers in the news, watch FOX News at any time and the news pundits are talking to people like soap opera people talk to each other. Reminding each other of what the plot should be, mysterious sex lives revealed, convenient deaths and resurrections, the list goes on.

If they came out and showed us how free energy such as COLD FUSION begin to solve world dilemmas, then we can't fund twenty or thirty years of research. It would accelerate to new technologies advancing civilization by two or three-fold so progress could also be in the eye of the beholder as well. So clearly a "Doomsday" scenario planted in the news by BBC could alarm an already sensitive society waiting for the people in America (The New Atlantis), and other developed democratic countries to follow suit and cringe in fear for their lives before they cast vote.

We here at NOW are influenced by positive forces channeled through meditation and in some cases, gardening! We had a very high probability that there would be outside forces (in due time) that would create mass hysteria, public fear, and have a mysterious origin coming right-around-the corner-behind-the-shadow. We thought perhaps an asteroid would scare the living shit out of people. Some kind of matter from outer space that would rock both the physical world and the world of science. We are starting to understand that this prediction came true to prove a divine phenomena that will take some time to understand.

WHEN JPL SPEAKS, WHAT DO THEY SAY?When NOW made the observation of the possible asteroid on 10/02/08, there seemed to be no other reason as to why the BBC would print a "Doomsday" article for a script written so long ago. We were also thinking that perhaps a Coronal Mass Ejection would be the other reason but NOW with recent items in the news, we have perhaps even more insight to this story. Listen as JPL's, Donald Yeomans describes the impact this object made in the physical and scientific world.

Mr. Yeomans states that NASA discovered the impact with certainty on 10/06/08. This is remarkable because NOW had no prior knowledge to this event until the channeling of the story on the day of the original posting on 10/02/08. Also, as stated by Mr. Yeomans the impact happened at 4:46 a.m., Sudan time and specifically in an area that has been and will continue to be the area where man's wisdom may have dawned and will continue to dawn as we shed new light on this important event.

Even the fact that there were witnesses to this event so early in the morning served a higher spiritual purpose. This may have been a different story if the asteroid entered the atmosphere during the day. However, the way it came in and the timing and it's accuracy could only mean one thing. Something so new or perhaps even prophesied biblically, that has never been seen before, entered our world for all of the people at "Almahata Sitta" or "Station Six"to see at the break of dawn.


As the the composite above indicates, the light area in the dark picture shows the position of impact in Sudan. At first, the explosion and fire in the sky amazed the town's people. It was believed to have disintegrated upon impact with our atmosphere since the chunk of matter was about the size of a small car. The explosion and the fire being the only signs, until researches followed the rabbit hole of mystic traditions and found that the area in which the object entered the sky was not an unusual place for celestial and mystic events. The object was later determined to be part of asteroid that was very hard for astronomers to see, thus the delay in the news for the impact. In a sense, the object was cloaked with a very special and anomalous technology.
Surprise Recovery of Meteorites Following Asteroid Impact
Rocco Mancinelli, a microbial ecologist at the SETI Institute's Carl Sagan Center, and a member of the research team, says that "2008 TC3 could serve as a Rosetta Stone, providing us with essential clues to the processes that built Earth and its planetary siblings."

In the dim past, as the solar system was taking shape, small dust particles stuck together to form larger bodies, a process of accumulation that eventually produced the asteroids. Some of these bodies collided so violently that they melted throughout.

2008 TC3 turns out to be an intermediate case, having been only partially melted. The resulting material produced what's called a polymict ureilite meteorite. The meteorites from 2008 TC3, now called "Almahata Sitta," are anomalous ureilites: very dark, porous, and rich in highly cooked carbon. This new material may serve to rule out many theories about the origin of ureilites. 3/26/09
Like needles in haystack, we found something very powerful, very different than we had previously imagined. There seems to be something mysterious and invisible in space and it wants to be heard in a major way. As the people of Nabta Playa may already know, this large object looming over the sky busting back into the earth, is possibly a Votive Faience Ball that belongs to the Cult of Hathor.


What we are suggesting here at NOW is that these small chunks of matter are also talked about in the book of Revelation between 4:4 and 8:10. As we looked for more information, THIS POST was written by an author with similar ideas but perhaps, still not solid enough. It kind of looks into what these mysterious explosions could be interpreted as. There could even be a Nostradamus prediction in there that could be accurate for this story as well. Interesting enough, all of these events are leading into 2012.

What we suggest the reader do in this case, is look at the Bible from the perspective of a cryptogram. Let's say that Sir Francis Bacon did guide the writing of the King James version to introduce English as Literature in America, The New Atlantis. Then, we can also say that his alchemical interpretation for an apocalypse is also in the mind's eye. Almahata Sitta is an analogy to the sixth seal, the sixth trumpet, the "Sixth Station" and the seventh is the stone itself, the Philosopher's Stone that continues to rain on us from outside of this world so that we may find more insight into our own personal temples. The mind between the temples. The Seventh Seal, the seventh trumpet of the angels near the "Throne of God" in the heavens.


Let's take this idea and stretch it a bit further. What we have have is ananomolus rock with material not of this earth or any other we know about crashing into Sudan and now perhaps other areas of the world. Then we add the mystic orientation that has been taking place at Nabta Playa since pre-history and we may have a very interesting story where there is clearly more than meets the eye. It's almost as if these stones came to lay at a very particular target. One that has probably been used for inter-dimensional travel for quite some time. No doubt about it but, these stones did not miss their mark as Revelation 4:4 through Revelation 8:10 may show us. Is a trumpet another symbolic code for, Wormhole? In this case a White Hole? Mysteriously, we believe that Nabta Playa and Almahatta Sitta are or could be one in the same mystical place both yesterday and today.

If we are wrong, then why is SETI, the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence in Sudan collecting samples? In this case the mysterious explosions we have been hearing could very well be not of this earth. Not only that, it could be that perhaps another form of ancient time travel will be discovered based on these findings based on the mysterious material itself.

On a synchronistic side note: Menmaatre Seti I (also called Sethos I after the Greeks) was a Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (Nineteenth dynasty of Egypt), the son of Ramesses I and Queen Sitre, and the father of Ramesses II. Ramesses was the name in the cartouche that Jean-Fran├žois Champollion first deciphered when he got a hold of the inscriptions of the Rosetta Stone found near Alexandria.

Depictions of temples, Egyptian city life, and hieroglyphs drawn by artists and scientists were sent in vast numbers during Napoleon's invasion. Napoleon's rule was already over when Champillion was told,"nobody could interpret this cryptic writing." after asking for copies of the stone. The dusty history that once promoted life, a fascinating and divine life through alchemical codes and ciphers, was to be restored as the right eyes were brought before the ancient hieroglyphic cryptograms again.

Also, here is a great radio interview from DREAMLAND with one of NOW's favorite authors William Henry as he interviews Catherine Dees on 5/05/07. Catherine Dees is the co-author, along with Hanny el Zeini, of Omm Sety's Egypt. She brings to life the incredible story of Omm Sety, a brilliant, adventuring Englishwoman who revealed astonishing secrets about ancient Egypt and much more. This story is a good warm up to the article that proceeds this one and William Henry's visionary storytelling. Whitley Strieber opens the show.

So finally we will insert this story from today...

Mystery Flash and Big Boom Rattles Virginia
A mysterious boom and light occurred over the skies of Norfolk and Virginia Beach, Virginia on Sunday night, but just what caused the phenomenon is still unknown. 3/30/09

An update to this story HERE states it was perhaps a Russian rocket. A Russian rocket thread here sounds like old anti-communist propaganda to divert attention from what may really be going on.

In conclusion, we will have to wait for SETI to come up with more and add to this thread at later time. As we have quite possibly solved the case of the mystery explosions, sonic boom, fireball phenomena, let it become dormant while we research this story further in the future. In the meantime, let's see what Arthur C. Clarke predicted for our future in THIS BBC article.