Thursday, March 12, 2009


Diverting your attention for a moment to recognize the potential of a massacre, then carrying out the massacre in itself, it should be seriously noted that the shooters and bombers that we hear about in the mainstream are possibly Manchurian Candidates of the year. That is, they are most certainly, not acting alone.

It is an interesting mind that each of us possess, without diminishing the intelligence behind these attacks, they are cold, heartless, vain acts created by the mind and carried out by the body. We are breeding people to divide and conquer and easily we can connect the dots to see where the minds path originates. It's easy when we we see the paper trail, the blood trail, and most likely if the plan goes as expected, the killer usually kills himself or is shot down by a mod squad of look-a-like SWAT police. It is amazing that perhaps these SWAT units are not recruiting the Manchurian Candidate. "Ask questions later" has curiously become "speculate later" after the shoot to kill order is placed. The eerie voice of Paul Bremmer can be heard here. We must rember that for the capture of Saddam Hussein, Bremer said, "Ladies and Gentlemen, we got him." In other words, "Ladies and gentlemen, we got him and we've got you!"

If Bushie neo-cons still wield any power, It won't be long before they try to impose crazy gun laws or take away the peoples right to bear arms and put it into the hands of truly trained professionals. Instead, one supposes that he served his purpose in life, the victims did to, this was just a big mistake and a huge accident and now we must begin to heal after the worst is over...or is it?

Germany's school shooting on 3/11/09 and Alabama's family massacre on 3/10/09 will be symbolically linked forever without having to think twice about this unusual coincidence. Clearly, those negative higher forces out there are working overtime to get their message across. As you peel away the layers of detail surrounding the event and get to the human aspect and forget the soap opera. We begin to understand how the media is trying to convince us that they are the real storytellers and will only disclose the parts of the story that they want you to hear about. Usually it comes in this order: The Ugly, The Bad, and if time allows, The Good. "If it bleeds, it leads", That's a newsman's motto when ratings brings viewers attention to the gore of violence and repeated images of law enforcement surrounding buildings, and the people outside the building, standing around just crying and wondering what happened.

We must also remember that the negative forces out there are on the verge of bankruptcy in the American public eye and they will do what ever it takes to silence the majority with fear, violence, mayhem, and then...they bring down the law. So, what can we remember from these events besides the people, in the long run, the date is usually very important, this will behave as "sub-conscious hometown 9/11" due to the density of events (on back to back dates) in our opinion. Unfortunately, other major events of interest going on both globally and internationally will have to take a back seat for so that people can mourn. This smells like another smoke screen to us here at NOW. For instance, Bernie Madoff is now pleading guilty of fraud. Fifty billion dollars are still missing and if it is not in Israeli banks then, where could it be?

The BBC could not really give you very many details regarding the whereabouts of the money without getting into hot water with their respective business-as-usual executives. Heads will roll if more news gets out regarding this swindle. Think about it, 50 billion dollars that could potentially be re-invested into programs here or abroad by the rightful owners of those securities.

Here is how it can effect you. Take the United States — Population: 303,824,640 (July 2008 est.), The total Palestinian population worldwide is estimated between 10 and 11 million people and various other vulnerable 3rd world economies or the entire population of Africa then, take one billion of those dollars, reinvest in social programs from prevnting pirates from stealing cargo off the coast of Africa to crushing drug violence not, drug users, in the (once beautiful and now riddled with violence) city of Juarez, Mexico near America's boarder. Legalizing, then promoting marijuana as medicine only goes along with the perpetual "Green Economy" that alone can perhaps make everyone in the America's and those in third world countries millionaires and have 49 billion to spare! Americans can lead a humanitarian effort for healing and peace and show our neighboring states how go back and do our homework, grow food and medicine, and usher in a new Golden Age, after all, it's due! What would the real giant drug dealers think? (RELATED UPDATE 3/13/09: "Can Marijuana Help Rescue California's Economy" ? Ed.) Bayer, Pfizer, and Monsanto wouldn't be pleased at all. In any event, It's going to be tough to get it back from Israel, if in fact it is there as reported by TBRNEWS. Needless to say, BBC news could not report any details to the story, they just give us what they want to give us, repeated images of Bernie Madoff walking in and out a court room, photographers snap pictures, tells us what we already know about the case, then quickly cut to a school massacre or SWAT guys looking like mothers and fathers to the killer.

In the Alabama shooting, it seemed to us that the killer was desperatly trying to hide information for good. The burning of his house is clearly the give away. Look at his work history and his track record. had an article that describes the man in some detail but, there is something very odd about his path. This is a method that drug cartels use to get rid of anyone that knows anything. Riddle them with bullets to make the case that much more difficult to solve.

Who else has the training to pull of such acts during these times when things are moving very swiftly in Washington yet more people are still waiting for money to trickle down? It's common for young people to be depressed and out of money and this is the perfect patsy in the news. Of course there was a motive for the 14-21 year old to go on a wild rampage. He was either a hillbilly in the sticks or closeted gay boy right? Lonely and chronically depressed the murderers always seem to come from a middle class family just like yours. He looks like the boy next door who was in school similar to one I've seen before, employed in shitty job, but a whiz with guns. If they couldn't handle the realities of life, why blow away others? If they felt so lonely, why take the people you DON'T like with you? This doesn't add up. By the way, it happens to be the anniversary of the Madrid bombings. Five years ago on 3/11/04, a bomb went off in Madrid under very suspicious circumstances while the city itself was going through similar emergency procedures, for the same exact scenario! Could all of these accidents/attacks with stunnning coincidences (once the details are revealed), be directed toward the psyche of the American and International communities? (UPDATE: On 03/14/09 had a very good article written by Dan Gardber titled "Why shooting rampages aren't big news anymore."

The TBRNEWS is a great resource for inside information related to White House, global, and economical interests. They provide insight as to the workings of the mind for some of the people that we are electing. They consistently bring subject matter to the table in a concise and surprisingly eye-opening, never seen in the main-stream-news kind of way. They have wrapped up a brilliant conversations between Gregory Douglas and Robert Crowley. Two intelligence agents that maintained a telephone correspondence and revealed much information behind the JFK assassination and as Gregory Douglas suggests, the Central Intelligence Agency's involvement revealed through classified documents called, Zipper.

Top Nazi Secret Police officer S.S. General Heinrich Muller, was supposed to be dead after WW2, but as dust settles over the sands of time and tombs are revealed we see now that he was very much alive and co-operating with the U.S. to spy on the Russians. Operation Paperclip, brought top NAZI scientists to America, however William Van Braun surrendered to the U.S., bruised and bloody he went on to work with rockets and secret space programs the Richard Hoagland can talk about in great detail. Inadvertently, discovering anti-gravity and keeping it a secret for so long, going to the moon and bringing him safely to earth was also in his interest. He was TIME magazines man of the year as a head if not, THE HEAD of a brand new NASA. He was very recognized.

However, what if there was a similar influence within our own political system. A brilliant man that understood power and better than that knew how to keep a secret. Heinrich Muller now has his secret diary's posted on TBRNEWS. He was a "How-to-guide" for the Central Intelligence Agency. How to take over a small country, how-to influence elections, how to cash in on the stock market, the list goes on and on. Perhaps there was a how-to in training rouge militia assassins in a manner that "Al Quaida" was trained to fight of the Russians in the 1980's. Who else has the skill and training to pull this off and then at the precise moment have cameras rolling? Has anyone seen WAG THE DOG lately?