Wednesday, March 18, 2009



"The ancient belief that the planets were powerful living gods has profoundly influenced the evolution of symbolism. For more than two thousand years after the Greeks incorporated this belief into their myths, leading thinkers in the fields of science, philosophy, and religion accepted the principle that all of the planets presided over events on earth as the sun and moon unarguably do."
-- The Complete Dictionary of Symbols.

NOW has put together some significant celestial events plucked right out of yesterdays headline with some happening right in our own back yard. As the world spins, we ask so many questions related to our Earth however, sometimes what is true today is not necessarily true tomorrow thus, we must as ask "Was everything within us [especially thought (or Thoth, the personification of all collective wisdom) and action (atone, a harmonious completion for thought) which helps define our character] a form of the truth, regardless of whether or not it happened?"

These massive spheres out in space are each involved in it's own dance with what ever comes close to it and gets wrapped up in it's magnetism. These bodies are roughly the same shape everywhere within our known universe. Some contract or expand over time to the shape of say a pumpkin (the recent shape our earth has taken on) but essentially, what we are describing here is the form. We can say the same for human kind and extra-terrestrial life that has intelligence like ours. Vegetation also has a particular shape, it's form so brilliant to take in nutrients in the best way possible. It essentially sustains itself if it receives enough light and appropriate conditions are met. To a large degree vegetation can also determine it's own free will as well. The roots of some plants can swallow up and suck the nutrients and thus, the life right out of a neighboring plant. One obvious candidate here would be the Sunflower as its massive root system basically prevents other plants to close around it from surviving. Planets of course are the same, if it seems that there is no possible link between a plant and a plan(e)t, perhaps it's time to take a closer look at THE SECRET WORLDS: THE UNIVERSE WITHIN.

So, where can one start to interpret what is happening out there and here at home? Reading helps bring the mind closer to the spirit within. We can be subjective and take in only what we want to believe and filter out what seems like useless information. I have recently discovered that there is no real useless information. Even the lies that are perpetuated at every level have some elements of truth. Propaganda is very good at getting a message heard loud clear and also in an esoteric way when one is not familiar with the wording, the images, and the deeper meaning behind it along with timeliness of this dissemination. It just sort of sits there and brews in the psyche. Next, we can always count on dis-information to keep us guessing and then, second guessing ourselves.

In a world with so much of both, our modern wisdom and ancient wisdom still clashing head to head, will there ever be a time when these philosophies merge? The ancient built timeless clocks and we see remnants of these everywhere across the world. The Long Now Foundation has set up it new processional clock to last for the next 10,000 years! Amazing still, we have an ancient devices very much like this and they too are incredibly accurate. So accurate that even the slightest margin of error are hardly noticeable. These clocks were positioned to measure out time in the future as well as they are so precise that it is inevitable that perhaps a the atomic cesium clock may not work in an event that leads to complete electronic failures.

Also, what if as the Mayans predicted for the year 2012, a serpent rope would emerge from the center of our galactic black hole? In a sense, a worm hole or the metaphorical serpent of wisdom talked about first thing in the bible that opens the mind and changes the Earthly energy by illuminating what once was complete darkness to those people. What we are suggesting here at NOW is that perhaps there is a reason for the cause and effect of these natural celestial laws that are governing our sense of time.

For example, when planets align in specific ways and cause interesting phenomena that one would not be able to track by merely looking out into space. Surely, we can discover that these bodies converge often, such as when the moon crosses with Venus, for instance. However, there is a greater symetrical and perfect dance that is performed on a nightly basis that include those wandering stars with their natural satellites and each other.

Synchronized and geometrical dances or patterns are being formed with imaginary lines. The only way we can tell that they are happening is by tracking the celestial bodies movements for years and years and years. When will we completely understand that there are underlying forces acting within nature that are in a sense, spelling out for us the very essence of nature itself. Fractals come very close to interpreting this idea. The bottom line here is understanding the form to these structures and their environmental triggers. First, we can look at a blog written in 2005 to get to know ourselves a little better in terms of space and time and it is/was called Circadiana. If found it very informative and heavy in detail but, may be hard to read if your interest is not in physiology.

NOW, lets get on with the first part of the news and see what is out there these days as we dust off and sift through the old newspapers...

Twenty years ago, astronomers witnessed a powerful explosion on the sun. Shortly after, radio signals on Earth were jammed, satellites tumbled out of control and the entire Quebec power grid went down. The event showcased the powerful and immediate affects that the sun can have on the planet Earth. --Astrobiology Magazine 03/15/09

In 1859 two of the biggest Coronal Mass Ejections ever recorded in history were determined to reach Earth around September 2 1859. Greenwich and Kew magnetic observatories detect disturbances followed immediately by geomagnetic chaos; second CME arrives at Earth within 17.5 hours, traveling at 2,380 kilo�meters per second with southward magnetic orientation; auroras appear as far south as Venezuela. The areas of the world most affect we North America, Mexico and some of South American territory as the picture below suggests.

Could this solar activity lead one to madness? Perhaps, Below is a map of Nicaragua:

Beginning to understand how the Sun's energy coupled with our very own may open the doors to something much wider, more significant and perhaps better understood, if we could progress without words and instead and imagine a life symbolically. Author (and technically historian) Sir Francis Bacon wrote, "If the sow with her snout should happen to imprint the letter A upon the ground, wouldst thou therefore imagine that she could write out a whole tragedy as one letter?"

An outbreak of mass hysteria is reported to have struck three indigenous communities living near the river Coco in northern Nicaragua. A total of 43 people have reportedly fallen ill with what is known locally as grisi siknis ("crazy sickness"). Doctors, anthropologists and sociologists who have studied previous cases of mass hysteria – also known as mass psychogenic illness – have so far failed to come up with any clear explanation for the phenomenon. --New Scientist 3/11/09

Researchers have surveyed over 17,000 quasars to spot a single, exceptional system in which a galaxy merger has sent two super massive black holes on a collision course. --Ars Technica 03/04/09

Although the BBC put out this article about 'recent' running water on Mars, we can then safely assume that the picture below does in fact has a droplets of liquid such as water. Later dismissed by "experts" that happen to work for NASA. Here the "Phoenix" takes a black and white picture. Why do they release such poor quality pictures when they have the best technology at their disposal? Arizona looks a lot like Mars, it even has a blue sky just like Earth's however they do not want the mainstream public to understand this and other concepts that have already been long discovered and talked about only in special space circles because then it opens up a can of worms, and the most obvious reason simply because, you are not part of their game. You are not supposed to be in the club. This is only for a select group of people and the rest of us will have to wait for the news to trickle in. One droplet at a time.

Besides Phoenix being a city in Arizona, so is Sedona which sounds an lot like Cydonia on Mars as well and this is not a coincidence either. There is a face captured by Viking 1 with pyramids, geometric integrity in the region that points to man made objects very similar to Giza's and not to mention the solar systems largest volcano located in a highly concentrated energetic area that Richard C. Hoagland and David Wilcock talk about in great detail. As many people start their research on space inevitably thy will find out more about NASA, JPL, and both their secret space programs as described by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara, Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA. We clearly see an influence of wisdom passed on and hoarded by the elite to preserve the whatever value their secret knowledge has and the power it has that the mainstream public have a right to know about. What ever side of the rainbow you are on depends greatly on how far you want to take that journey in your own mind and with your determination and thirst for knowledge.

Freemasons, Alistair Crowley's magician crowd and Jack Parsons Laboratory to a large extent, helped develop these systems in the United States to explore the unknown, that final frontier in space however, if 98% of space is dark energy or dark matter then what is space? Is space the inside the mind or is space some external ether or is it both? What are those people at NASA waiting so long to do with all of their money which they are not sharing with the mainstream public? Early Vikings and other explorers promised more than spices, more than relics, some brought back people and libraries.

Now, why did a frightened NASA public relations print "LIFE ON MARS" a couple of weeks before Barack Obama became president? Was it perhaps because they already knew that he might pull the plug on their pet projects if they were doing anything but science out there in space? Berkeley's own John Holdren was recently appointed as, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology, Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, and Co-Chair of the President’s Council of Advisers on Science and Technology (PCAST) for Obama's administration. Why will he be so important? More on this and other important news in Part 2 of 3 of this article devoted to space.